Brown/RISD Pre-med?

<p>Hi guys :].</p>

<p>Okay, so I was researching and discovered about the cross-registration for Brown and RISD.
My questions are:</p>

<p>If you’re a RISD student, you can take courses at Brown, correct? I mostly hear Brown students taking RISD courses, so I’m not completely positive if the other way around works too, but most likely? I just want a confirmation :/.</p>

<p>I discovered that it’s supposedly 6 classes you can take at RISD if you’re a Brown student, and 4 classes if you’re a RISD student. Is there a chance that you can finish pre-med courses at Brown (if RISD)? Also, is there possibly another way (if the first doesn’t work)?</p>

<p>Is there actually science programs at RISD??? I went on collegeboard as I was finding best fit colleges, and RISD comes up when I eliminate searches for schools that have both science and art majors. So it really confuses me because I’m pretty sure that RISD is an ART college and doesn’t have science. I’d like to have a confirmation on that too :]. And if RISD does have science classes, what kinds does it have?</p>

<p>And lastly, this may seems dumb (pretty sure it does, sorry), is there any other way to finish pre-reqs for medical school as an RISD student?</p>

<p>I know, this may be weird, because I seem as if I’m focusing on science and med a lot, but I actually truly, absolutely, adore art and I really want to go to a school that is both dominantly art and science, or any art school that does science programs for medical school :]. I’d really appreciate it if someone could answer these questions, it would be wonderful :]. Oh, and also (last question :P), if there are any recommendations for a great school that is strong in both art/science (med), it’d be amazing if you’d let me know too (I’ve been researching like crazy for these kinds of schools, and I was lucky to come upon this program, but if this doesn’t work out, that’d be too bad because I’ve been breaking my back trying to narrow down my choices for colleges). </p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>Why don’t you look at the RISD website and see what degrees/classes they offer?</p>

<p>6 courses is not enough for pre med. year of bio, year of orgo, year of regular chem, year of physics, year of math and English class are more than 6. Also with the new MCAT coming sociology/psych classes might be needed to</p>

<p>Washington University in St Louis
University of Chicago <a href=“Page Not Found | University of Chicago”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Both offer dual Pre Med and Visual art majors.</p>

<p>you can do pre-med at Brown and be a VA major and take 4 RISD classes no problem. I just don’t think you can be pre-med at RISD.</p>

<p>Yeah, I did. RISD only does art, no science, which is too bad :/. I was just hoping on the off chance that there was an opportunity…but thank you both though! Your inputs were helpful :] and I’ll definitely check out Washington University in St. Louis and University of Chicago!</p>

<p>You could also be a visual art concentrator at Brown while taking pre-med classes.</p>