Brown RUE 2021

Hey guys, I figured I would see if there are any other 2021 RUE applicants?

Yes, I just finished my application. I wonder how it goes this year.

I wonder why this thread is so quite this year

I was wondering the same thing. Hoping to hear some news soon.

Did anyone get an interview?

I think their website stated that they do not conduct interview for this year

This is what it says:


In previous years, we have offered alumni interviews as a way for applicants to get to know Brown while also sharing more about themselves conversationally beyond the information provided in an application. However, as we strive to ensure that all applicants have equitable access to all components of our application process, alumni interviews will not be offered for the 2020-21 admission cycle.

I wonder what the decision date will be this year.

I can only speculate that it will be around first two weeks of May… I know they won’t make us wait till Mid-May

Edit: So glad that I wasn’t the only one waiting for RUE decisions… lol

Yeah, the thread is super dead this year. However, there are quite a few views. I couldn’t really find much information for people applying this year.

I’m curious to see if the pandemic will impact the RUE admission cycle similarly to how it impacted first year applicants. From my understanding, a lot of schools, including brown, received record numbers in terms of applicants (much to do with the test optional policy implemented this year)