Brown RUE Applicants 2022

Anyone else apply? I’ve seen a handful here and there but wanted to make a specific thread.

I applied for the RUE program! Would you mind sharing your stats/ a little bit about yourself?

CC student in Arkansas! have worked in film/tv for 8 years after attending a specialized high school for the arts. Worked all over US southeast on projects and ended up shooting commercials here in northwest Arkansas. at my college, 4.0 GPA, pres of HSA, Model UN team captain.

applied to Brown for Econ and film. wanna combine the two interests and work towards a career in the film business. content acquisition, financing, budgeting, distribution, etc. I want to find new/innovative ways to finance and develop movies as the medium shifts to digital/streaming and the whole model evolves.

How bout you?

CC student in Vermont. 4.0 & PTK member. I was a professional ballet dancer for 10 years before getting involved in arts outreach. Designed two programs for a company that I danced for in LA. When I took a position with a company in Vegas, I got involved in labor organizing and led the campaign to unionize the company before getting fired and retiring from dance. I want to explore the intersection between spiritual and physical dance methodologies, politics, and policy.

Talked a bit about sobriety and recovery in my video intro. Sent it in on my 9 month anniversary :slight_smile:

Tbh, I don’t think I got in. Just got admitted to Columbia GS, so I guess not all hope is lost. Still waiting to hear from Vassar and UVM which is my safety.

I wouldn’t think that way at all. From all I’ve seen, it looks like the applicant pool is down this year so maybe we’ve got a better chance.

Super cool story. Dance is an incredible background.

I’ve heard they place a lot of emphasis on background. I’m hoping that my experience sets me apart. I’m at peace with whatever outcome though, I’d be happy anywhere as long as I can pursue my degree and find meaningful ways to change my former industry :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. I’ll be manifesting admission for both of us!!! Haha

any update? I was accepted!