Brown Scholarship Timeline?

<p>My daughter's application was submitted for consideration and we were wondering if any past Brown Scholars, or their parents, could give us an idea of when interview invitations normally go out. We are thinking that if she doesn't hear anything by Feb. 1, she likely won't be asked to interview. </p>

<p>Although A&M is by far her top choice, she is a NMF and is receiving great offers from other schools and would like to start narrowing her selection down. </p>

<p>Any information is appreciated.

<p>Back in 2012, we found out about the Brown nomination in mid-late January. The interviews were conducted during the month of February. However, I believe this timeline varies from year to year. I think they emailed my student directly, so make sure they are checking their emails. Good Luck!</p>

Thanks for the info. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.</p>

<p>DownOnTheBayou, I sent you a private message.</p>

<p>Has anyone heard anything yet this year?</p>