brown sophomore transfer?

<p>I know it's a complete long shot, but I'm considering applying to Brown as a transfer student. However I'm not sure if it's worth me stressing out for a month just to inevitably be rejected. What do you guys think? I was rejected when I applied last year (no surprise to me, I applied because my dad pressured me to try my chances) but I have really good grades from my first semester at NYU and thought that maybe this time around I stand a chance. Does anybody know what the transfer rate was at Brown this year? Can somebody chance me? Here are my HS stats (copy & pasted from a thread I started last year - I don't know how much is relevant for transfers):
gpa: 97.098</p>

<p>rank: 54/650</p>

physics B - 5
us history - 4
english - 4
french language - 3
french lit - 4
european history - 3
sculpture - 4
calc bc - 3</p>

<p>sat ii:
English Literature 670
French 680
Math Level I 710</p>

<p>sat i:

<p>act: 31</p>

• AP Scholar with Honor
• National Merit Scholarship Commended Student
• Inducted into National Art Honor Society, 10th Grade
• Honor Role, 9th-12th Grade
• Our Children, Our Artists (selected artwork in show of students' work), 10th-12th Grades
• $700 scholarship to attend the Pre-College Program at Pratt</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular Activities
• Human Rights Coalition, Leader (no official positions), 10th-12th Grade
• Festival of Art and Music (annual event at school), 10th -12th grade, president
• contributor to school paper - writing and photography
• National Art Honor Society, Inducted in 10th Grade</p>

<p>Classes Outside of School
• Pratt Institute, New York, NY
Foundation, Drawing and Painting, Art History; July 2007, 4 weeks, for college credit
• Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
Advanced Life Drawing; February - May 2007, 11 weeks
Illustration, Life Drawing; August 2006, 2 weeks
Graphic Design, Life Drawing; August 2005, 2 weeks
• Jewish Community Center of Mid-Westchester
Life Drawing; 10th Grade, 10 weeks</p>

• Volunteer trip to Thailand - 3 weeks teaching english
• City Sol, July 2007 - 3 day festival that promotes energy efficiency. i explained installations to viewers.
• Gen Art Film Festival- screening of films related to the environment
• Huguenot Children’s Library - teaching kids to paint
• Visiting Retirement Home with National Art Honor Society</p>

• Issue Project Room, an avant-garde performance space - I help set up, tell people where to go, and clean up
• Showpaper, bi-weekly newspaper that promotes young artists and musicians - I currently help distribute, and I will be helping with design and layout this spring once I have free time</p>

<p>Work Experience
• screen printing/designing at Brooklyn Renaissance, a company that designs and prints clothing</p>

<p>Other Activities
• Performing and Visual Arts Education (PAVE) program, 9th-12th Grade
The three-year PAVE program is an additional class each morning before school in visual art, dance, orchestra, band, and theater. I majored in visual art. Acceptance into the program is by audition in 8th grade.
• Artwork shown in various group exhibitions
• Contributed to various zines
• Organized a benefit concert to raise money for Cross-Cultural Solutions, the non-profit organization that I volunteered with in Thailand.</p>

<p>COLLEGE info:
I'm a freshman at NYU
Completed 16 credits in the Fall, 16 in progress this Spring
I have a 3.925 GPA from my first semester (3 A's, one A-)
I am currently enrolled in 1 honors course
I am an active member of NYU's program board which plans/organizes all of the school's major events. I deal mostly with concerts
I work about 13 hours/week at a work study job in the Art History Department's library</p>

<p>Is it even worth me applying? Or should I just not waste my time. What do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>looks like its worth applying to me</p>

<p>I'd wait until junior year, especially as you applied last year. One term of baisc classes at NYU is not enough IMO.</p>

<p>but if you can apply for junior year anyway, whats the harm in applying for soph xfer?</p>

<p>one semester would normally not be enough to make an applicant who was uncompetitive for freshman admissions competitive for soph xfer, but it certainly seems OP was at least somewhat competitive out of hs and with great grades from a great school, i think it would be a mistake not to at least apply</p>