Brown Spark Middle School Program worth it?

<p>My brother was wondering weather going to Brown's spark middle school programs worth going to? If you've gone describe your experience please. If not any information you know will be helpful. Thanks.</p>

<p>It is absolutely worth it! I took it the summer before my 8th grade, and although I go to a different university now (NYU), Brown has always been my dream school, and I'm going to try and matriculate into Brown my Junior year as a transfer student. </p>

<p>Regarding the program, it is a good mix of classes and social time. Class was easy, but thought provoking. Being only 13 years of age in a University setting surrounded by people older than me was quite intimidating but fascinating at the same time because I really got to know people much older than me. I still keep in touch with my RA! My class was something related to evolution/DNA/biotechnology, so we took field trips to museums and one to the zoo: it was a very well-spent summer. </p>

<p>Being 19 years old now, it has been 6 years since spending my summer at Brown (okay, I lied I also went to Summer@Brown the summer before I was a sophomore in high school) and I still have so many jubilant memories. The price tag might be difficult to justify, but the drive I had to do well in secondary school to get into a University such as Brown was invaluable. ( Although I kinda missed the bullseye, there are always second chances.)</p>

<p>Yes, it is great. I knew someone who went, and she loved it!</p>