Brown Summer Program

<p>Hi everyone! I am thinking of applying to the Summer@Brown program. I am currently a freshman. My grades are straight A's and I should have no problem getting in (I heard it isn't very selective) I have some questions:</p>

<li>What course did you do, and what feedback do you have?)</li>
<li>Has anybody done the leadership institute? If so, how did you find it? And what exactly did you do, because I don't really get the point of it!</li>
<li>Has anyone done the 'So you think you want to be a doctor course', and do you have any feeback?</li>
<li>I am going to be 14 and a half and just completed freshman year. Do you think this is too young, and will I feel left out and odd since I'm quite young? Would you wait till next year? </li>

<p>Please answer whatever you know. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED, thanks SO much! :) <3</p>

<p>I won't bother answering your other questions (because there is a topic about Summer@Brown a few posts down) but to answer your last question: Yes, I think you will are too young and will feel left out. I did three Duke TIP summer programs prior to Summer@Brown that were much more supervised and offered more structured activities, which I feel were age-appropriate at the time. Summer@Brown offers less structured activity and requires greater independence than other pre-college programs, and the majority of students are juniors and seniors. I'm not trying to shoot you down, I'm just saying you would probably feel overwhelmed as the vibe is mature and not "summer-camp-like" whatsoever. I do think that summer programs are incredible learning experiences - I've made some of my closest friends at these programs! I would recommend you check out a different program for this summer.</p>

Wait until Junior year because it's just so much better than!</p>

<p>Our student did summer at Brown after Freshman year. Yes, there are a lot of Froshies who attend. Yes, he did the Leadership Seminar on Entrepreneurship. If you go, check in at Registration early. Last year, the day was so hot and the two lines went around the buildings after lunchtime just to get in and pick up dorm keys etc. I think he enjoyed his two weeks, but I think it was the biggest enrollment ever, massive # of kids.</p>