Brown transfer: should I apply for FA?

<p>How much would you generally say my chances of acceptance decreases if I ask for FA (since Brown is need-aware for transfers)? My EFC is 0 =(. Please don't give me a speech on why loans are bad long-term. I already know that</p>

<p>Well if your EFC is 0 and your parents can't afford to just write Brown a 110K check, then you should certainly apply for financial aid. Wouldn't it be terrible if you got in and couldn't afford it? I feel you though, I don't want to apply for financial aid because it'll help me, but I know i'll never afford Brown even if I get accepted.</p>

<p>Also what are your stats?</p>

<p>I don't want to go into my personal finances, so ignoring how I'm paying, does applying for FA reduce my chances? I understand my stats reflect my chances of getting in, but I'm not asking of my chances of getting in relative to others. I'm asking of my chances of getting in asking for FA relative to no FA with an EFC of 0, so supplying my stats doesn't matter in this "closed system." Sorry if I sound blunt, and thanks for any help.</p>

<p>edit: I don't like supplying stats because this forum tends to be pessimistic in chancing people, and I've beaten the odds to a lot of good colleges. So I end up doubting myself even though I'm actually good enough (not that my stats are low right now compared to Brown's expectations)</p>

<p>Yes, transfer admissions to Brown are need-aware. Thus, whether an applicant has decided to apply for financial aid does have bearing on your application decision.</p>