Brown Transfer Waitlist 2021

Hi everyone! Just wondering how many of you chose to stay on the waitlist for Brown transfer this year and feel free to discuss anything related!

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Me!! Hoping that they accept quite a few people off the waitlist :crossed_fingers:t4: Best of luck to everyone :))

Definitely!! Hope we all get off the waitlist, Brown’s literally my last hope :pray:

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Accepted today off WL - FYI. Believe in Miracles

Congratulations!!! Did you submit a LOCI and then receive an email today? I still didn’t receive any notifications or updates (worried

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Yes. Both

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Congrats! Did you email them your LOCI or upload it to the portal or both?


Did anyone else get in off the waitlist yet??

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Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your major and what state you are from?

TN and prob Poli Sci Gov