Brown University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

I’m just saying. They had 2800 applicants this year compared to roughly 2000 applicants in prior years. Probably due to the TO policy.

Can’t really fault them for delaying a few days, especially since they’re reviewing Class of 2025 waitlists at the same time.

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I really hope we can get a decision by friday :crossed_fingers: not sure what I’ll do with myself during another weekend of waiting :no_mouth:


And TO does, statistically, disadvantage an applicant the majority of the time. Also ur right the majority of transfer applicants have taken a standardized test in order to apply to their current university—Duke also states that as their reason for not being TO for transfers. Covid only affected testing for HS class of 2025.

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Yea I’m sure a ton of otherwise unqualified applicants applied this transfer cycle because TO policy akin to the massive increase in freshman applications at all the elite schools this year.

And I don’t believe we should absolve Brown from fault; they review the freshman waitlist and transfer applicants simultaneously every year.

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they probably also have to manage yield from people taking gap years and coming back from them, I’m not sure if the admissions office takes care of reviewing gap reinstatements but they have to wait until they find out how many spots are open nonetheless

found this from another thread: “1,769 First-Years in the Class of 2024, which means that Brown is currently over-enrolled by 104 students (projected enrollment is 1,665 First-Years.)” will this impact how many soph transfers they admit?

Yes. They barely accepted any transfers last year, and it looks like it will be more of the same.

Two observations: 1. the school purposefully over enrolled the 2024 class.

They took 194 kids off the waitlist to reach that 1769 (according to the cds 1751 actually enrolled - no data on how many gapped if any) and 2. They may have taken fewer transfers because they were de-densifying the housing and classes etc…so they probably really didn’t want/couldn’t easily absorb more students.

Not saying that means they’ll take more transfers this year but what happened with the freshman class wasn’t an accident. They also could have accepted less students for the 2025 but they didn’t. Hopefully they’ll return to their 100+ transfer numbers this year.


this is random but it looks like the financial aid section got moved down in the portal, it used to be above the video portfolio and now it’s right above the personal info section

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I can appreciate that everyone’s trying to do the best they can to read the tea leaves with what little information is available, but this thread is starting to stray far enough from reality as I understand it that I will mention a few things.

It takes however long it takes. ED was straightforward, in the sense that there’s a pile of apps and you pick some. Less so for RD/WL, with a bigger pile of apps and a lot more on the line for getting the matriculation numbers to work out – covid of course throwing additional uncertainties into the mix as unprecedented numbers of students consider delaying a year. [Here’s some background reading which touches on the difficulties: An inside look at waitlist season in the UC system: Here's what UC says about the chances of being plucked from massive waitlists ] So now it’s down to Transfers, and things are getting really tense in Brown Admissions. This year especially, as the target keeps moving with unprecedented numbers of admits changing their plans both within the deadlines and not-within. It’s not as though Admissions already has everything decided, and they are simply sitting on the results for an extra week because it’s fun to field non-stop inquiries from anxious applicants.

Housing is yet another moving part this year, and with the de-densification has come the complementary move of their signing leases with many private concerns in the area, including at least one downtown hotel, for housing students. This and other dodges have been terribly expensive to the university BTW, but they are dipping into savings for now in an all-out effort to give students the best experience possible under the circumstances. As a result of the added-on housing, it’s hard to say whether transfers might be few-to-none this year just based on de-densification housing… but Brown definitely wants transfers.

As to “over-enrolling”, and “what happened with the freshman class wasn’t an accident”: The goal of Admissions is to get all the numbers to work out perfectly in the end. Seldom met, though most years they come close. Some of what that involves isn’t going to be obvious or perhaps even understandable to someone on the outside looking in (me, to some extent, even though I do have plenty of interactions with Brown Admissions in my volunteer capacity). So rather than trying to predict the unpredictable, consider the alternative of spending the next however many days enjoying all that there is in your lives to enjoy. You can never get those days back.


My financial aid and video portal sections just disappeared

fin aid removed and when i tried to log in to it through a google search it said i wasnt authorized to view it.

did you submit a video portfolio?

Wow decisions are out?

wait what

Yea. Rejected. 3.94 GPA at T15 private, perfect test scores, and a pretty good high school profile. Oh well.


Yeah. Decisions came out. I got waitlisted.

I am waiting on decision from Tufts too. I wonder what I should do. Any thoughts?

My decision is out. I haven’t checked yet though.

rejected all I take is Ls

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