Brown University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Hi everyone!
I did not see one of these yet, so I decided to make one!
How are your applications going?


just started brainstorming topics for my essays but feeling a bit overwhelmed tbh with the logistics involved in this process

I totally get it. What major are you applying to?

computer science! but i definitely want to take classes ranging from ethics to entrepreneurship and my current institution won’t really allow much flexibility with that. how about you?

My daughter is also considering transferring. Did you use the common application to talk about why you would like to transfer or did you just write about your background? I am asking because there are some conflicting suggestions that one should use their common app essay to talk about why they want to transfer and modify it for each school before they submit it online. My daughter’s college counselor told her that the common application essay (even though it is as a transfer student) should just give background and that the school specific essay of why you want to transfer should address the actual transfer issue.


One of the main transfer essays is the “why transfer to Brown?” essay, which is about 650 words. Then there’s a space to highlight anything else that hasn’t already been addressed by the application materials (250 words) and a question about an extracurricular endeavor (150 words). There is no personal statement/standard Common App essay for Brown’s transfer app.

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Hi! I’m hoping to transfer as well as a Bio major. I’m feeling down in the dumps because I haven’t been able to involve myself in internships or other extracurriculars besides one club. :pleading_face: i don’t even have a position or anything…
Also, does anyone know if our spring semester transcript is considered by the time they review our application?

I think the midterm report will give them the opportunity to see how you are doing during the spring semester, since you won’t have final grades for those courses yet.

Thank you for starting the thread! I’m applying this year as well. I’m a comp lit major. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! How’s your application process going?

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Still working on it, hbu?

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hi everyone, just a general question about transferring. Do people think the numbers will be higher. lower or unchanged from past years?

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Hey! I spoke to someone from Yale at a transfer fair and they said their early decision applications were up 40 percent. NYU also received the highest number of first-year applicants. With many schools omitting the standardized testing requirement for this cycle, and more students starting off at a community college or safety school for fall 2020 (and now looking to transfer, with the prospect of in-person/reopenings for fall 2021 seeming more likely), I can imagine that the number of applications the school receives will be higher.

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I am still working on mine as well.


I’m pretty much done with my Brown application, but I have like six other applications that I need to complete in the next few days lol :sob:

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im so stressed lol

Me too, but we’ve all got this!! It will be so worth it in a few months.
Where else is everyone applying, in addition to Brown?

I am applying to UPenn and UVA. What about you?

I’m applying to Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, USC, Dartmouth, and a few more in addition to Brown!

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