Brown University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

–and Yale. I forgot, haha.

You guys think that Brown will take the usually 150-200 transfer applicants this year? Or will it be like the absymal 50 ish they took for Fall 2020?

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Did they really accept only 50 students last year? I’m surprised as I had the impression that Brown was more transfer-friendly than other colleges (a bigger transfer community, hence more transfer admits). Interesting!

Last year was a different story due to COVID and this year applications have risen across the board so who knows
Also anybody doing the video portfolio?

I totally agree that there’s no way to know until they actually release the decisions. (I think you responded to the wrong post.) :slight_smile:

No, I will not be doing the video portfolio!

I am applying too! I am hoping they will accept more applications this year :slight_smile:


Same here! I love Brown. :sob:


Hey all, how are you getting signatures for the midterm report (if your school is currently completely remote)?

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I had one of my profs sign it and then scan it.

Hi Is the midterm report only if the school is completely remote?

No it’s due for all transfers unless you’re taking time off this year. Due by April 1st. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I just included the part about being “completely remote” since if you’re not in person, you can’t walk around and acquire physical signatures from your professors. Sorry for the confusion!!
Fortunately, my professors have scanners so they told me they could complete it virtually.

How much do midterm grades matter?Got all As last semester but might have a B+ for the midterm😭

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Don’t stress about it too much. Everything will be ok.

I wouldn’t sweat! One B+ cannot possibly result in an automatic rejection. Applicants are all human and can sometimes receive a B, and admissions officers are also human beings who completely understand this. :slight_smile:

Didn’t know brown was need aware when i applied. I am a low income student efc is very very low should i withdraw

Many schools are need aware with transfers. Don’t withdraw because if they accept you they meet full need. Just adjust your expectations a bit. And brown is a tough admit for anyone as a transfer. It’s worth it to stay in!

Hi there! I’m a prospective transfer to Brown next year; I’m a high school senior and was just wondering if any of you could give me some advice on my college options as I would really like to transfer to Brown next year (I don’t think I’ll get in regular decision).

My stats:
3.36 UW GPA currently
Took 5 AP tests/classes so far, taking 5 more APs this year and I have all A’s in these classes this semester so far (I messed up junior year due to personal issues and a medical condition)
1470 SAT

I got into Lehigh University, University of Washington, and a guaranteed transfer offer at Boston University (these are the choices that are my top options as of now). I currently live in California; if I go to a CC in California would it be impossible to get into Brown as a transfer? Would it be better if I go to Lehigh and have BU as my fallback option if I don’t get into Brown as a transfer? How would going to CC affect my chances in comparison to going to Lehigh?

If you need any more supplemental information, let me know! Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

As far as CC vs 4 year school for transfer I’d recommend researching how many students Brown takes from each type of school. Brown may also have articulation agreements with local community colleges in Rhode Island which might skew those numbers. In addition please note that Brown is need aware for transfer students and if you need any type of financial aid that could impact your chances of success. That being said if you are excepted brown will 100% meet demonstrated need. Also note that if you apply to transfer during your freshman year colleges will look closely at your high school transcript as well because they will only have one semester of college grades at the time that you submit your application.

Applying to brown as a transfer is just as much of a reach as applying as a freshman. The acceptance rate is in the mid single digits for both. So I would also suggest that you choose your school for this year with the idea that you might stay there all 4 years. As far as choosing between Lehigh and BU, they are very different schools in a lot of ways from physical location, student body size, and general vibe. Did you have the opportunity to visit one or both of them?

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Thank you for your quick response! I appreciate it so much! So, to be clear, applying from a CC in a location other than Rhode Island would still have the same weight on my transfer application to Brown as going to Lehigh or UWash? I haven’t gotten to visit either Lehigh or BU in person. BU didn’t actually accept me, they extended an offer that stated I will be guaranteed admission as a transfer. I do understand Brown is a reach, so Boston University is sort of my backup plan. Basically my path is: Lehigh, UWash, or CC → Transfer to Brown → If rejected, transfer to Boston University.

Thanks again!