Brown University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

I don’t see an update either.

No, nothing. Unless they were a non-traditional applicant like the ones earlier or something, and their process/timeline could be different (like sending decisions out in waves).

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They did tell me they were sending the decisions out in phrases/waves, so I guess that’s what it is?

By the way, adding to what I said above about the decisions possibly coming on May 6-7 or 13-14, I’m guessing it could be May 6 or 7 (and keep in mind this could also be totally off) as the applicant portal says: “In preparation for releasing admission decisions in early May, the checklist on your Brown portal is no longer available for viewing. You may continue to upload any supplementary materials and updates below.” I think they would’ve said mid-May if they were to release them after May 10, so before sounds more logical, given their specific word choice here. It’s beginning to feel more real!

We can’t upload anything now right? Because the last day to upload material is May 3rd?

The deadline was May 3rd, indeed. I guess you could still try, but it’s rather pointless; it probably won’t be taken into consideration as their “The checklist will no longer be available after May 3rd” email was meant to imply that they had concluded the application review process. They sent the same email to first-year applicants too and all other Ivies each sent an email saying they had completed the review process, so I’m guessing they meant it as a “We’ve now finished making decisions” message.

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thank you!

why am I just wasting time on this forum pretending like I’m gonna get in lol


We can all dream a little haha! I don’t know why, but up until a few years ago, Brown was relatively more accommodating to transfer students than most T20s, and I guess it keeps that reputation even as the transfer acceptance rate dips into the very low single digits!


The tough thing is that college admissions is truly a crapshoot. You never know what schools are looking for or why they make a decision. It’s good to cast a wide net—even if you are doubtful for some schools.


if decisions are really coming out this week surely they would’ve sent an email telling us the date and time by now right?

I don’t believe they send another email after their usual “The checklist will no longer be available after (date)” email. Maybe they will this year (minor details change each year), but they never have. After that email, they release the decisions when they do. They sent that email about the checklist disappearing after a certain date to first-year applicants but specified April 6 in that same email (which we didn’t get because we don’t have an Ivy Day for transfer admissions) and never sent another email afterwards.

Hmm… but the email did say “Please note that an email will be sent separately notifying you of the date and time that admission decisions will be released”

Oh yeah. I missed it somehow! I’m pretty sure last year’s applicants got the same exact email and they didn’t get a separate email afterwards.

Edit: First-years didn’t get another email since the checklist email already had the date and the Ivy Day was kinda obvious to everyone. I’ll check instead if last year’s applicants received any email after the checklist disappeared. :slight_smile:


Update: As per my friend who applied to Brown last year, they did get the same email about the checklist but weren’t notified of the exact date afterwards. She says it was kind of a guess game after the checklist disappeared. But as I mentioned, this year could be different as they make changes to the process each year; I believe they started doing the checklist-disappearing thing only a few years back.


Ohhhh… Thanks for the update!

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Do we think since it disappeared a few days ago it could be this week?

Does anyone think we could have decision by today?

Don’t think it’ll be today. Last year was Friday the 8th so likely will be Friday the 7th this year. Could be wrong tho

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I think it was a Wednesday or a Thursday the year before, so the day of the week they release decisions on constantly changes. It could be either Thursday or Friday, but the earlier release of select few decisions was on a Thursday (April 22nd), so I guess we’ll see…

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We are definitely getting the results before the weekend based on when the results were sent in the last 2 years