Brown University Sophomore, Premed -- Ask Me Anything!

Hello all,

I’m a sophomore premedical student at Brown University. Feel free to AMA!

Do you feel that it is easy to get internships, volunteer work, etc at Brown? And would you say that it is worth the price for premeds (since my family would be full pay)?

Internships in what context? Do you mean research? At non-medically-related companies?

Volunteer work is super easy to come across. Brown has easy transportation to two nearby hospitals, but their volunteering is pretty lackluster in terms of actually doing interesting things. If you’re willing to travel a little farther, there are two nearby Free Clinics with much more involved opportunities, such as volunteering as a spanish interpreter, medical assistant, scribe (need training which they provide), etc.

Lots of non-clinical volunteering opportunities too. Many based around tutoring and helping out with nearby elementary/middle/high schools.

Research is a little tricky in that you have to know which professors are okay with undergrads working in their labs, but if you reach out to the right people it’s quite simple to start getting involved.

As for full price… that’s up to you. I whole heartedly believe there isn’t a better university for pre-medical students. The grade inflation here is crazy, the environment very chill and collaborative, and the professors are very very good (Princeton Review constantly rates us in the top 10 for happiest students and best professors). What would you be comparing full pay to? A full ride, or somewhat lower tuition elsewhere?

Thank you! I think for internships I mean research or jobs related to the medical field for med school apps. I heard great things about Brown and if I had the privilege to get in I would be ecstatic but the only thing I’m worried about is the price, since I have to pay for med school (if I get in) and I don’t want to be in a tremendous amount of debt.

I would be comparing full pay to my state school which would be around 35,000 per year whereas Brown would be 78,000 per year. It seems like a lot but I may decide to go if I get in because I feel like it would be a really good fit.

This is so nice of you to take the time. My son is awaiting decision from Brown and he aspires to be a doctor. Do you feel that with Open Curriculum and premed prereqs that you can truly major in a non STEM concentration and still avoid a gap year? What is your concentration? How is health advising (for med school) at Brown? Thanks!!

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