Brown vs Columbia --- Waitlisting


<pre><code> First off, Brown vs Columbia. Here's my deal. I love New York City, but I'm only fond of the CORE; I like to read, but I'm not really completely interested in the depth the CORE goes into of old white guys' ponderings, aka the roots of western civilization. I love Brown for its open cirruculum because my interests are diverse enough that I value that immensely (thinking of comp sci, econ, and english as possible majors). Both campuses have great atmospheres. I liked them both for that and Providence wasn't exactly ideal, but I could definitely manage. Overall, I'm leaning toward Brown because I felt more at home, but I mean... err it's so hard.
Secondly, Can I stay on a university's waitlist if I say yes to Brown, because this is also could possibly influence my decision. At Columbia, it's clear you can, but Brown's card implies that you are agreeing to enroll at Brown; there's not even a deposit or anything!
Can anyone help me out here!!

<p>I'm not exactly clear on what your situation is. If you were waitlisted at Columbia and accepted at Brown, then you need to deal with what you have. Since the odds are low that you'll be accepted off Columbia's (or any college's) waitlist, you should probably send in your commitment card to Brown -- you have to go to school somewhere next year. If Columbia does take you off the waitlist, you can definitely say "no" to Brown and enroll at Columbia. Although hopefully by that time, you'll be so excited at the idea of going to Brown (or any other school you might choose) that you won't even think about Columbia anymore.</p>

<p>You should call them, but I'm pretty sure you can back out if you get off a waitlist. That said, I love New York as well, but it wasn't enough to make me want Columbia over Brown. Just as a warning, when I visited, I met several people who picked Columbia for the city and were rather disappointed that students kept on campus most of the time. Also, people griped about the Core a LOT. When I asked them if it was really that bad, they said "" but it was hesitant. Apparently it depends a lot on the professors you get, so it's a gamble.</p>

<p>Just the thoughts of someone who was also considering Columbia at one point...</p>

i'm accepted at both places but itended to go to Harvard before any news; now i'm on Harvards waitlist but obviously am considering Brown or Columbia because I don't seriously think I will be accepted off Harvard's waitlist; that said, Brown's enrollment form confuses me because it seems like I can't say yes to Brown and mantain status on a waiting list... so thanks for posting... more advice is much appreciated</p>


<p>a friend of mine once said a Brown student wouldn't do a thing like this... but so it goes</p>

<p>Sorry about the confusion before! </p>

<p>I'm positive you can enroll at Brown and then accept a spot at another school. So then, if you call Brown up in June and tell them, sorry, but you'll actually be attending Harvard, they can take someone off their waitlist. So it all works out ok.</p>

<p>If you're really concerned, you should call Brown's admission office tomorrow and ask them about it. Definitely don't let the waitlist issue hold you back from enrolling at Brown, though!! =)</p>

<p>thanks, you rock!</p>