Brown wants my current grades? What does this mean?

Brown just asked my counselor to send my current grades. I applied to the PLME program ED and I’m slightly concerned because I have a C in a class as I’m missing three items because of an absence. My counselor has explained that to them.

Is this a deal-breaker for me? Not everyone who applied to Brown had their current grades looked at by Brown, so what does this mean?


They probably just want your grades because you’re applying to PLME, so it’s more selective. Gosh, I hope they don’t ask for mine lol.

Ah I see. I’m really concerned now though, because I have a C… That’s only because I’ve been absent.

What should I think of this or do?

Is it a final quarter grade or just a current snapshot of your grade? Either way, I honestly don’t think it matters very much, plus you said your counselor explained your situation. It probably looks out of place, especially if you usually get much higher grades, but it won’t be a deal-breaker. Maybe it will have somewhat of an effect for PLME, but for Brown ED one bad grade first quarter senior year won’t negatively impact you to a great extent (in my opinion). What are your other grades, if you don’t mind me asking?

@sciencenerd123 It’s a current snapchot of my grade. My school works on a semester system.

I’m taking seven classes: AP Psych, AP Chem, AP Art History, AP Spanish, Newspaper, British Literature, and Advanced Research. I have an A in all of these classes except Chem, where I have a B+/A-, and Spanish, where I have a B- now.

I really do think that this will impact my chances for PLME, which disheartens me.

I don’t think a grade that isn’t even final will have that much of an effect, especially if you have a strong record. Best of luck–I really hope it works out for you! If we both get in we can be friends :). Think positive thoughts!! May the odds be ever in our favor!

My daughter applied early decision last year and got the same request. She did not apply for PLME. At least last year, it appeared to be a common request.

On the plus side, it means you’re still in the running.

@profdad2021 Did your daughter get into Brown?

@ciervo And my grades are going to end up taking me out of the running haha

@AverageTeen2000 Yes, indeed she did! She’s there now, completing her first semester, working very hard and loving it. Best of luck to you! It seems unlikely that one stray first quarter grade could hurt you so try not to fret about it.

Many GC have sent the mid semester grades. So all it could mean is yours hadn’t. It’s probably computer generated.

And you know it’s even more competitive than non-plme. You know they’ll look at the transcript and you mentioned other B grades in rigorous courses. Hope for the best but keep other doors open.

It’s SOP to ask for a mid semester report for ED applicants

I believe it’s a positive sign…you’re still in the running.

@iwannabe_Brown Other students at my school who also applied Brown ED were not asked for their grades.

And that would be awesome, haha. @SouthernHope

Brown emailed my school for a report and then ended up calling a little later because my counselor hadn’t responded yet. She said that had never happened before so maybe it’s a good thing??

Okay so here’s what I’ve heard. Apparently if they ask for your grades, that means you’re on the fence. If they don’t, it means you’ve already been accepted or rejected. Has anyone from your school ever gotten into Brown? @casspud

Can someone else confirm this please?


Admissions asking for more information is a good thing.

They can eliminate a lot of applicants with the information they have. However, very few applicants are “in easily.”

Congrats! The request suggests that they view you as a serious candidate.

Not in the last couple years. @AverageTeen2000 I’m just happy they’re good grades. Here’s to hoping

@timchen are you also a PLME applicant? I’m worried now because they never asked for mine…