BrownxRISD odds

Hi there! Im currently a highschool senior at 16 years old and am hoping for people to tell me how good of a shot I have at the BrownxRISD program. I would like to attend RISD for industrial design and Brown for business and management. I have a very strong portfolio and am not worried about getting accepted to RISD but rather Brown.

I own a business selling my art, prints, and doing commissions. Ive been to multiple sales events.

Ive won an award at my school for being the top drawer and painter, an award that was formerly only given to seniors.

I have been helping with the special needs students at my high school for about two years now.

I have been in the National Art Honor Society since sophomore year. And was the Vice President junior year.

I was in the National German Honor society since junior year.

My GPA unweighted is a 3.78 and has had an upward trend since freshman year.

My weighted GPA is 3.95

I am not submitting my SAT scored due to covid-19. Thank you everyone who responds!

How rigorous is your curriculum? Are you one of the top academic students at your HS? Does your HS offer AP’s and if so, have you taken them and done well in the exams? Is there grade inflation at your school-- i.e. if you are one of the top students, where do kids with your profile usually end up?

It is an incredibly selective program so anyone’s odds of admission must considered quite small. In 2019 the program accepted 15 students from over 700 applicants which equates to about a 2% acceptance rate.

Absolutely apply and give it your all but be certain to also research/find a group of match and safety schools/programs that appear affordable and that you would be excited to attend.