BruinDirect - No Financial Aid

<p>If I don't qualify for financial aid, is there any point in signing up for Bruin Direct? I won a $1000 scholarship from an outside source if that's relevant.</p>

<p>EDIT - Oh wait...are all students required to sign up for Bruin Direct?</p>

<p>Did you find out the answer to this? Wondering same.</p>

<p>you're not required to sign up for Bruin Direct it's just a convenience. It is just direct deposit of the remainder of funds disbursed to cover all university costs into your personal checking account. If you don't sign up for Bruin Direct then UCLA sends you a check.</p>

<p>For example, if your total costs of attendance are 24 grand, but you take out loans and get financial aid and stuff (or you just simply overpay a little bit) for 25 grand then UCLA will directly deposit 1k into your bank account if you're signed up for Bruin Direct, if not they'll send you a check for 1k. (Actually it won't be 1k because I'm assuming they do this annually which is not correct, but you get my point)</p>

<p>You should sign up anyway. You never know when you might get some cash back.</p>