<p>Is really the RateMyProfessors of UCLA? Just asking because almost all of the teachers from my major aren't even on the website and the ones that are on the site don't have any reviews posted at all. So I don't know where else to look to get reviews on my prospective teachers. Does anyone out there know of any better sites, as I don't know anyone in my major to ask personally...sigh...</p>

<p>Don't trust bruinwalk. The only people who post there are people who either did really well (A+) or people who do really poorly (fail). It gives you an extremely unfair sampling of what people think the professor is like. I would just ask about individual professors on this site. Almost any one of the upperclassmen has had a professor that you are about to take.</p>

<p>I disagree. Bruinwalk's professor reviews have been quite accurate. You get to know good (from those who got A) and bad (from those who got C or D) things about the professors before you take their classes. </p>

<p>Most of the time, the reviews are accurate. </p>

<p>I usually read those reviews before I select which professors I would take class from (if there is choice).</p>

<p>Bruinwalk is VERY ACCURATE..i have taken 9 classes and it hasn't been wrong ONCE..</p>

<p>Yeah I think BruinWalk is fairly accurate. I mean if a professor is rated extremely well then you can expect him/her to be at least pretty good. if he/she is rated extremely poorly on BruinWalk then you can expect him/her to at most be mediocre. But if a professor is rated in the middle, mediocre on BruinWalk, then it's not as clear-cut as to how good/bad he may be when you take him. That's at least my experience with BruinWalk and I always consult it before signing up for classes.</p>

<p>Well accurate or not, the site doesn't even have reviews on most of MY teachers...really, I just wanted to see the grade distributions more than anything else. I guess I'll just ask about specific instructors like ashiundar suggested or just wait until orientation to ask students in the mimg department. Thanks for the feedback</p>

<p>I usually just cross-reference between Bruinwalk and RMP</p>

<p>i took a class fall quarter that was supposed to be very easy but ended up being difficult because of my ta...for most ge classes, especially history, etc....the teacher might be really good but your overall grade in the class will depend on the easy they grade essays or assess participation, etc....</p>

Bruinwalk is VERY ACCURATE


<p>wrong. maybe it depends by department. I have taken some engineering classes where the professor sucked, and bruinwalk stated he was good or decent.</p>

<p>Bruinwalk does not state anything... they are students stating their opinions on professors... like all opinions there are going to be extremes on both ends which if you read several reviews, you can easily decipher which students posts offer a balanced opinion on said professor and which students are most similar to your own study habits. </p>

<p>Basically, Bruinkwalk is as accurate as you allow it to be, if you only look at the 'score' breakdown then its probably not going to be too accurate unless there are 40 or so reviews... if you read through the comments it tends to be incredibly accurate.</p>

<p>mnop is probably one of bruinwalk's most faithful contributors, so it's not too shocking that it would match his opinions.</p>

<p>I think the actual reviews are useful for finding out about the professor's general personality, and you can usually tell how honest the reviewer is. I wouldn't use it to actually choose the professor, unless there's a huge gap between two sections of the same class.</p>

<p>i actually agree with mnop on this one. Bruinwalk hasn't led me astray yet.</p>

<p>However, take everything with a grain of salt. :P</p>