brutal admissions this year?

<p>i was just told that due to the economy, many Californians are choosing out of state for college. Hence, Reed's likely to have more applicants and a lower selectivity rate this year. Is anyone as nervous as I am?</p>

<p>who wants to unload their tensions on an equally anxious prospie?</p>

<p>The UC system's tuition has been on the rise for a number of years now and nearly everyone (teachers and students alike) I know is still under the impression that the CSU/UC system is the cheaper than anything out of state. Additionally, California has always been ridiculously over-represented at Reed. I think this year will be brutal and selective, but not exceptionally so. I definitely sympathize with your anxiety, though. I go through waves of feeling pretty anxious myself!</p>

<p>^Pretty much has it right. I think 96 students this year (out of 400 or so) are from Cali.</p>

<p>God, I hope so. The Californian herd here needs to be culled.</p>

<p>i'm actually on the east coast. my parents, in all of their worry, decided to call a private counselor to talk to about this whole process. her advice was that it would be much harder to get in this year. her logic for this was that all of the hyper intelligent of california would now be applying and crowding out the moderately intelligent applicants who have a higher level of interest. not necessarily true for reed and, despite being a nice woman, she turned me off a bit just because she only helps students get into ivies and told my father that i didn't fit into the "exceptional" category. whatever. glad to know that it's been this way for a few years now.</p>

<p>yikess... im from cali. :(</p>