Bryant Bentley Babson

<p>SAT 630 v 570 m, I think i got 700 v 650 m on the october 9th
Class rank 90/400
GPA like 86 weighted
Extremely Hard Course Selection
Tennis, Book Club, Martial Arts, Work 10+11 grade (Brown Belt) ---- :( Bad EC's
What school best suits me</p>

<p>You have a decent chance at all those schools especially if you score as much as you predict on the SAT. Babson is a wonderful place, probably the best from those 3.</p>

<p>According to the Princeton review, Bryant's average SAT is 1096 which makes it an easy safety for you. Bentley is a match and Babson is a reach. Other schools to consider:</p>

<p>Boston U (SMG) (Reach)
Northeastern (CBA) (match/reach).
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