Bryant Early Action

<p>I'm just wondering if anyone has heard from Bryant University yet that applied under early action, have they sent out any descsions?</p>

<p>I applied Early Action... and no response as of yet....</p>

<p>Nothing here yet, either. Supposed to start sending out mid-January.</p>

<p>nop nothing :/</p>

<p>Still nothing here in Texas!</p>


<p>I called the admissions office this morning, and the decisions were mailed at the end of last week.</p>

<p>Nothing yet in New Jersey</p>

<p>Nothing here in Mass yet either.... if they were mailed out last week it should be here by now.... it'd be nice to stop stalking the mailman! (just kidding)</p>

<p>Contacted the admission counselor for my area, as mentioned on the Bryant Face Book page and he informed me that a batch went out this past Monday 1/23. They were hoping to get another batch in the mail by Friday 1/27th.</p>

<p>DD notified today (in Texas) - accepted with very nice merit scholarship!</p>

<p>congrats! I just got mine in the mail today as well with a nice scholarship.... it still costs a fortune though... X_x</p>

<p>Son got his package today. Trustee Scholarship and can opt for Honors Program. Unfortunately, he has no current intention of enrolling here. Prefers other, more communications-centric schools.</p>