Bryant University Class of 2024 ED/EA Results

Didn’t see a thread for this year, so here goes…

Has anyone heard anything yet? Please respond with IS/OOS/International, applied major, key stats, high school activities, etc., if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Nothing here yet, but my son wasn’t expecting anything yet as my older son didn’t hear back until January 10th last year.

Out of state, business undeclared. 4.1 GPA, 1360 SAT, varsity athlete, lots of other strong extracurriculars. Hoping for good news soon.

Nothing yet, 1540 4.0 UW actuarial science declared major In-State. Plenty of math-related ECs (Math team captain, coach middle school math counts, won a scholarship at a WPI math meet etc. etc,). Hoping for a nice scholarship come January :))). Good luck all!

Nothing yet!

Do you or your son remember if last year they sent out an email telling students the date results would be released? Or if they were just surprise released?

@Mystery77 as I recall we did not get an advance email, we just knew “sometime mid January” and there it was on 1/10/19.

EA decisions come today at 4pm EST. Check your emails!! Good luck!!

I’m in!!!

Congrats @Sophem !! Did it come w/ a scholarship?

Yes, Dean’s Scholarship. Said complete package will arrive in March.

My son was accepted yesterday with a Trustees’ Scholarship. Yippee!

NY son accepted EA
Bryant University Award 14k
1220 SAT/24 Act
3.0 IB/AP/Honors
EC: Esports, Theatre Crew, Model UN, Trivia Club, Special Buddies volunteer
intended major Financial Planning

MA - son accepted EA
Bryant University Archway Scholarship
1280 SAT
3.4 GPA Honors/AP
Extra C: 3 sport V athlete, school clubs, volunteer youth coach
Intended Major: Business Management

Has anyone heard a decision that applied RD?

Anything for ED2 or not likely to hear anything before Feb 15th ??

Was Accepted EA
Bryant Trustee Scholarship - 27k
1440 SAT
3.8 GPA Honors
EC: Soccer, Business Club, Action Club
Intended Major: Undecided

I applied RD and I still haven’t heard back, I’m assuming we’ll hear back on the 14th or 15th

@Dude82 my S just received his acceptance. Maybe check your portal to see if you have anything…

@MThopeful2022 Yes! Thank you! I also got accepted along with the Dean’s Scholarship. Congrats to your son as well.