Bryant University Class of 2025 EA

Super quiet on the Bryant thread! Thought this post may be helpful for someone looking next year.
EA results released yesterday (1/14/2021)
Son accepted with $27,000 Trustee scholarship and automatic admit to honors.
4.15 weighted and 1390 superscored SAT

Anyone else?

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My son accepted. 24k Dean scholarship. 3.5 unweighted, 1340 SAT


Daughter accepted with $27k Trustees scholarship and honors program. 4.33 weighted gpa, no test scores, Jv sports, many volunteer hours, national honors society, student council.

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4.0uw/33 STEM 35
27k Trustee (which automatically means honor program)

Yes, pretty quiet here comparing to Babson, Bentley etc., seems Bryant is more generous with scholarships. Happy people don’t complain :wink: