Bryant University EA 2017 Admission

Hello everyone,

New parent member here. Been viewing as a guest for a while and you guys have been wonderful in explaining so much to me.

My Son will be applying EA to Bryant University and is hopeful he can score an average merit aid package. We make a bit too much for any aid (middle class) other than an unsubsidized Stafford loan. We will have to be full pay for the $60K+ per year. Hoping to get some merit money.

Some basic stats are 710 math; 630 English on SAT and a 3.96 WGPA, Three varsity sport athlete, NHS.

BTW. Son will also be applying to Bentley University and also hopes for some average merit aid.

I did not see a new thread for this so I figured I would start one.

If others can please post some application stats and then aid packages it would be great.


Application is in! Now the wait begins and the knowing that we have no control at all over what the college decides to offer us for Merit aid. Hopefully we can get some average aid or my son will be very disappointed.
Bryant University does not seem to create many posts here on CC so the info for me is scant. The shot in the dark has been made.

Anyone else out there apply or have DD or DS apply?

I think you should post in the Bryant University forum. Bryant is a decent school, and I’m familiar with the area (Smithfield, RI). Given your son’s scores, I think he could get into a more prestigious school than Bryant.

@frontpage I was not aware there was a Bryant University forum. I did see one for Bentley.

May I ask you your thoughts on Bryant? They seemed like a pretty good school. One of the three “killer B’s” they talk about here in the Northeast. They might be considered the bottom one but still a good business school from what I can gather. I would be interested in your thoughts. Unfortunately cost is going to be a factor for these private schools and just because he can get into them does not mean he or we can pay for them. DS unfortunately is looking for a smaller college than the large Flagship state Universities. He just feels he would perform better at a smaller campus. He would like under 5,000 students.

I think your son has a chance for merit at Bryant. My friend’s son is a freshman and received merit with a lower test score and gpa.

Thanks for commenting @twogirls . I agree he will get some. It is always the amount that is in question. You just never know until you open the envelope. We are hoping for a celebratory Christmas if the results come in before then. We considered applying ED but were not able to gleam sufficient aid numbers out of the stats.

Only one week left for EA. Nobody else here has applied? I knew the school was small…but…

Applied EA test optional. Good luck!

@pct3 Good luck to you also. Keep us posted.

@frontpage There is no Bryant University forum on CC. It’s a travesty. There are individual boards for many schools much smaller than Bryant, some of which have no posts for years.

@Chardo I agree. It would be nice to have a separate section for Bryant University. I recall a thread where CC said the school did not generate enough activity to warrant it.

@MassDaD68 It’s a weak excuse. There are boards for Assumption, Albright, Albion, Austin, Antioch–all a fraction of Bryant’s size, with one post in 3 years. And that’s just the A’s.

If you build it, they will come.

Assumption in on here? Hmmm.

@MassDaD68 My son applied last year to Bryant EA. he had a 740 math and 600 reading. 30 ACT. He submitted all his scores. He was accepted EA and received amazing FA. 25k a year. He was the treasurer for both his class and NHS and 9 APs. Varsity athlete, community service, work etc… He did not wind up attending, decided to go to Villanova. But, he was impressed when Bryant informed him after he declined their acceptance that they would keep his file active for one year in case he changed his mind. It is a great school. Just not a good fit for him. Good luck!

@pkchamp89 Thank you for your response. That is great information and I am hopeful he can score a similar package. When I closely analyze the numbers that Bryant puts out, it is hard to get a good feel for the amounts that kids get along a GPA spectrum. It is nice to get an indication based on your son’s letter. Thank you for sharing.

btw. Do you remember if they offered him the honors program? Secondly, did they place any GPA maintenance to the scholarship? Like maintaining a 3.5 GPA, etc.

I hope your son is doing well at Villanova and the best of luck to him.

@MassDaD68 Glad that you found the information helpful! Yes. He was offered the honors program. And yes, he had to maintain a 3.2 or above to maintain the scholarship.

The waiting is the hardest part. I’m sure your son will get some great news! And…thank you! My son is absolutely loving Villanova!

Just to clarify… Re read his paperwork to find the answers to @MassDaD68 question. They are keeping his application for two years and placing it in the inactive file in case he has a change of heart.

@pkchamp89 I found this very helpful. Thank you so much!!!

@MassDaD68 Glad I could help! Post back when you hear. Good luck!!!

Still nothing from Bryant University on EA decisions. We were hoping it would be out around this time. Son is really hoping Santa brings some cheer.

The wait continues…