Bryant university information needed

Can a graduate, current student, or anyone familiar with Bryant university tell me anything I need to know about that schools. For example, how are there academics? Do their students get good internship opportunities? How is student life (dull,medium,vibrant)?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


probably top 10 USNEWS for North Universities when the list comes out in Sep; Top 50 (44th) in Businessweek rankings; in top 5% nationally for Career Services (made Top 20 in Princeton Review) – what’s your intended major - it’s mainly a b-school with a strong math/econ program; pretty residential campus…

The major I’m interested in is Finance. Do you think Bryant can get me to where I want to go in terms of education, internships, and employment?

Yes…but it’s a two way street…you have to get the grades, do internships, etc. I think Finance - especially international business finance - is one of their stronger business programs. One of the things with a smaller school is an ability to get into leadership positions or positions like being a portfolio manager of the student investment club (most play with real money), etc. Not a knock on bigger schools - they have great programs too - just some students do better in the smaller environment (Bryant has no lecture hall classes, no TAs, etc.).

I’m sure you can call their career center and ask what internships and jobs finance grads get…

Ok thanks a lot

Our son graduated there in 2014. He was able to get a job right out of school as was his girlfriend who also went there.(They met there.) Both are both doing very well and still wish they were back at Bryant. I will say as a mom the downside is lots of drinking there. Obviously there are those who don’t drink as well :slight_smile:

One thing that is interesting at Bryant is that every student is required to get a minor “across” from the field they’re studying. For example, I’m applying there to transfer for a finance major, and I’ll have to get a minor in something STEM or Lib Arts related. I think it’s kind of cool they have it laid out like that.

My daughter is applying as a liberal arts major with a business minor. Any info on the school would be helpful. Do students go to Providence at all? Or is it inaccessible, possibly why there is a lot of drinking.

I mean it’s a 30 minute drive/lyft to Providence or a 40 minute bus ride so I imagine it’s not necessarily worth going into unless there’s something specific to do.

Bryant is a wonderful school. My son is applying EA there and hopes to hear soon. You did not mention what your career goals are. Bryant will be able to get you into local offices of brokerages like Fidelity Investments, etc. but might not be suited for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street. All the Big 4 accounting firms recruit there.

I cannot comment on student life other than that the campus is located in an isolated area in that people would generally not be walking onto campus like at NYU or any city school. Parents like this because it puts their precious children in a bubble. I can see where some would find it too quiet or dull. Others would love the beauty and serenity of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a beautiful campus to walk on and relax. It gets to the students preference. Do you like trees or buildings? Like quiet or action?

Bryant is part of what we in New England call the “3 B’s” or “killer B’s”. Bryant, Bentley, Babson.

I live in Smithfield, and go to hs there. Don’t expect to be within walking distance of much stuff, and the stuff that is is walking distance will require you to walk along a very busy road. You’re close to Providence though, so that’s nice. You’re near some restaurants, and not far away from a semi-large shopping center. Also, you’re near a semi-short drive away from a large pond that you can fish on and a large park. All in all, though, Smithfield is a very spread out town. It’s got some stuff to offer, but be prepared to drive.