Bryant University

<p>Anyone know about Bryant University? Is it appropriate for the B plus student? How generous are they with merit aid? Is there a bus from the airport to Bryant? Thanks.</p>

<p>My son and I visited Bryant earlier this year. I thought it sounded like a good match for my son but it was one of the few colleges where both of us knew it was off the list before we hit the car on the way out. It started with the huge parking lot that had beer bottles in quite a few places and then there were beer and wine bottles on the way to the admissions building. Apparently there had been a big college celebration the night (or maybe 2 nights) before. We went for an admissions event though, so one would think that they would take extra pains to clean that up. </p>

<p>There was an excellent presentation by admissions and faculty. (snacks were great) They talked about the business emphasis across all the majors, study abroads and internships. The auditorium where we were was wonderful. All of the buildings were modern and clean. One weird thing was that most, if not all, of the classrooms were in one very large building, which tended to give it a HS feel. There was the mention of student advising from the get-go, which appealed to me. At that point I think both son and I thought that the school sounded pretty good. </p>

<p>The tour, however, was given by a student that commuted so had never lived on campus and oh, btw as a rising junior said he had only met his academic adviser once. While on the tour, students hung out the windows yelling to our tour group. The best line was, "No more dudes!" Apparently the school is lopsided towards men. More beer bottles.</p>

<p>Our end impression was a school with good intentions, a business emphasis and a jockish atmosphere.</p>

<p>mdcissp, I sent a PM to you.</p>

<p>Bryant is a business school. Kathiep is right, almost all of their classes are held in a large building (at least it was that way when I took grad classes there about 15 years ago). They did have a significant commuter population, so there were lockers in that building. It also gave me that "high-school-ish" feel.</p>

<p>However, I do know people whose kids go there and like it. I've never heard of Bryant being particularly a party school. I'd say it does attract the B/B+ students.</p>

<p>Every school has parties, but I would not consider Bryant to be a "party school". There are quite a few commuters, but that really doesn't change campus life. If anything, the commuters feel like they might be missing out, so they spend a lot of time there. One commuter friend used to crash on the sofa in our suite many nights. He restocked the fridge and bought a round occasionally, though we never asked. To us he was just another Bryant friend (and eventually fraternity bro).</p>

<p>All the classes are in the Unistructure. I have to say that I never realized the "high schoolish" aspect until reading about it here. My high school was nothing like the Unistructure. Trust me, having the classrooms in one magnificent building is a good thing. No walking a mile to the other side of campus for your next class, unlike many other colleges.</p>

<p>It's a bit more than 50/50 men, but there's no shortage of women. And it's certainly not a jockish school.</p>

<p>I am very concerned about what I have read, we visitied and everything was prestine the tour was fabulous my son is a great kid with great personality and yes a baseball & ice hockey jock but not a drinker or drugs and he is not looking for that in a college where tuition is over 46,000 & up a year he is a focused kid he liked the school so much and we got the impression that the school controlled the derelict behavior to a large degree now I am not so sure.certainly not the original impression we were under we thought small town who doesn't encourage wild college student behavior college administration that wanted to keep good relationship with town prestine campus quite location.they got rid of the drunkin baseball coaches and assistant coaches hopfully graduated the kids involved in that days events.they had the sense to hire an outstanding reputable coach who is not trying to be one of the students and will demand respect we thought okay great changes but your observations do not sound like it's a good place for our son. If others want to behave in an inmature manner in college so be it. the problem lias when everyone is behaving like that and attends a school because of partying and easy access to alcohol and drugs knowing that the school will do nothing or next to nothing to crub it.If kids that don't engage in such behavior are shund or have nothing else to do other than drink.I worry about that at every school.I am certainly not going to pay a school to turn my child into an addict.Having said that we think that the academics,location.size,goals of the school are all tarrific. with the college fair experiance I felt the the young woman we meet who was a recent graduate not a business major didn't know much about the school or didn't want to say but curiously enough was very free to tell us about the drinking on campus and how they have to close campus off to avoid others from invadeing the drinking parties although she didn't drink. The other woman that we met at our high school fair was very nice but vague about admissions and very vague about campus life now I think maybe for good reason.</p>

<p>every student that I know that attends loves the school but I don't know the reasons that they like it so much.they so however love the academics and professors they say that the kids are nice and friendly. I would like to know more about day to day life on campus.</p>


<p>As a senior at Bryant University, I would like to share some of my insight. I believe that the majority of Bryant students enjoy the "Bryant experience" because of the small student body and class sizes. Meaning that many students receive more attention and consideration by the community. In many ways it is exactly like the benefits from attending a private secondary institution, you do it for personal attention and customization. </p>

<p>Additionally students have ample opportunities for community, work and leadership experiences on/off campus. I have also observed that many faculty and professors are very close with the students, participating in campus wide events or publishing research together. </p>

<p>Daily life at the school obviously mimics the typical 9-5 work schedule, by having the majority of classes starting from 8 a.m. and ending around 4 p.m., it provided consistency in my daily routine and helped me transition effectively to work life over the summers. </p>

<p>As for the drinking issue the majority of students who go overboard tend to be ignorant freshmen, communication majors, frats (the operative word being frats not fraternities or academic ones such as Phi Beta Kappa) and athletes. The majority of students do not go out anymore compared to 10-15 years ago. This can be attributed to the new stringent alcohol policy and DPS cracking down on parties starting Thursday nights.</p>

<p>This was my favorite school of all the schools I visited with my son. For a business major it had top notch facilities, professors and programs. I found the college president's speech on accepted students' day particularly impressive. The seniors I spoke to all had jobs lined up. Alas my son could not resist the call of the city and is now at BU (his first choice). I will always have a soft spot for Bryant though.</p>