Bryn Mawr RD 2024

Hi guys! Anyone applying to Bryn Mawr through regular decision round this year? This thread is for you!

I am! Good luck to all!

Good luck to you too! Hope you get in!

My D20 applied RD! I think it’s her top choice but she’s being pretty secretive about declaring her preferences. :slight_smile:

I’m also applying RD! '24 Hopeful!!

Yes! Just sent off my application :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone! My D20 got in early decision I and hopefully all of you will join her! Feel free to ask any questions as well.

When do decisions come out ?

@aversmom Last year they came out on March 22 so I assume it will be around then.

do you guys know if BMC does likelies/early notifications?

Hi i am applying tooo!!

I don’t think they do likely letters. From my research they haven’t done them ever.

For those who applied and got in ED, did you get merit $$? Or is that only for RD?

Does anyone know if they have a weekend visit for accepted students?

@aversmom Looks like Bryn Mawr in Focus Days are April 6 & April 20 this year:

Hi everyone!! Sending good thoughts while we wait for decisions… super anxious!!!

Same here! Good luck!!!

Because I should be doing work but this is more fun:

Here are the RD notification dates for the last 4 years (all 4pm Eastern Time):

Class of 2020 WED 3/23/16
Class of 2021 THU 3/23/17
Class of 2022 WED 3/21/18
Class of 2023 FRI 3/22/19

SO… I’m thinking it’s either FR1 3/20/20 or MON 3/23/20 for Class of 2024. Any hunches or bets?

Any updates on the decision release date?

Any info on possible decision date changing due to the virus?