Bryn Mawr vs Colgate vs Whitman for sciences

I have heard some good things about science programs at the schools above, newer facilities, faculty etc. Can anyone comment on their experience? What LACs (aside from obvious Harvey Mudd) are strong in sciences?

If you are considering the sciences broadly, then look for colleges with a range of available programs. You will find that physics, chemistry and biology, as well as mathematics, are offered at most LACs. For greater breadth, however, you could emphasize in your research colleges with programs in areas such as geosciences, computer science, astronomy, statistics and environmental studies. Along these lines, Bryn Mawr offers a relatively esoteric concentration in geoarchaeology, for example.

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For additional college suggestions, of which all would be top-notch for core sciences and math, consider Williams, Amherst, Hamilton, Bowdoin, Haverford, Pomona, Reed, Carleton and Grinnell.