BS applicant for grade 10, Fall 2021

hello everyone, this thread is for people applying for grade 10. You can discuss anything starting from tips on interview, essays to how many slots are there for grade 10.

Hi! I’m applying to Grade 10. Really nervous

My child is applying for 10th grade after being waitlisted last year. Anyone have any experience for reapplying?

There have been several folks over the years who have had success the second (and even third) time round. Part of the key is not submitting the same application – you need to show growth since the last time.

Go back and find @stargirl 's posts. She ended up at Groton and was much beloved here for her tenacity and optimism.


Thanks, @skieurope !

Does anyone know about how much students are accepted typically in grade 10 in schools like Andover? does it decrease in case of international applicant?

Generally there are about 85 new 10th graders. A big chunk of them come from Junior Boarding Schools which run through 9th grade… Internationals are probably 5-10, depending on the year.

@skieurope Thank you .