BS/BA MD Programs: Rejected by one accepted by another?

<p>Hey everyone. So far this school year I've applied to about 10 "guaranteed" medical programs. I received notification of rejection from one today (more specifically, VCU). How likely am I to get into any other one? The ones I've applied for are:</p>

U of Southern Indiana
Case Western
Stony Brook
Wayne State
U of Kentucky</p>


<p>Case Western last year had 800 applicants for 15 spots. Since most of aplicants are close to 4.0 uw GPA with very high SAT / ACT, criteria for selection is unknown.</p>

<p>Rice Baylor is one of the hardest from what I've been told.
Living only minutes from Rice and Baylor Med, I know a lot of people are applying (close to 500 in houston) for maybe 20 spots. And I know there's a discrimination against OOS people. Not to scare you or anything. Best of Luck though. If you have good essays, that's what they look at first.</p>

<p>I dunno. Brown's Program in Liberal Medical Education is probably pretty darn tough.</p>

<p>i've seen a lot of mixed decisions from dont be discouraged!
those who got interviews to psu and gw, didn't get the vcu interview...i don't get it.
although it would be nice to receive admission into all of these wonderful programs that u have applied for, they are highly of luck!</p>

<p>just fyi: drexel had 1150 applicants for the program just for drexel/drexel...
last year brown had 1550 applicants for 30 spots</p>

<p>it's pretty random. i think that essays for all of the programs are VERY important. more important than test scores i'd say.</p>

last year brown had 1550 applicants for 30 spots


a vast majority of those kids don't even get into brown though. i heard that it's about 50-50 once you are approved for admission into Brown.</p>