BS/DMD apps 2021-22

Starting a thread to track 2022 application status for 7/8 year bio-dental programs or 5-6-7 combined programs at UOP or 7/8 GAP dental program at Pitt
University of Pacific
Nova Southeastern
University of Pittsburgh
UConn… and many more

Anybody heard from upenn 7 year bio-dental program

Not yet

This thread has been quiet.
Any one made any decisions yet?
My daughter was accepted to the Lehigh/Penn program, UDM, Pitt GAP
NYU/NYU as well as NSU. Turned down NYU because of huge COA and no merit
She has narrowed it down to Lehigh/Penn with merit or NSU( which is cheaper)
Any thoughts on either program?
May 1st is fast approaching

My daughter got accepted to UPitt GAP dental, UDM, NSU, UOP, PPSP 7 yr dental @Case Weatern , 7 year bio-dental @Muhlenberg with UPenn Dental,
So far she has shortlisted Upitt, Case and Muhlenberg with UPenn -
Greatly appreciate any advise on either of them…

Since no one is responding, I will. My contribution is not much. All I can say is that I am a dentist who went to UPenn, and I had a few close classmates and friends who went through the Lehigh combined program although this was many years ago. They seemed to be glad that they did the program and certainly didn’t have any problems fitting in or being capable of doing the work. Also Penn has a very good track record of getting students into specialization residencies (orthodontics, oral surgery, etc) although I cannot speak to NSU.

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Thanks @Joshdent
Can you pls help me with this question for upenn dental - what yr do dental students get to do clinicals? Do they have to give an exam to be accredited?

I apologize it’s been a long time since I was at the school, so you really want to check current information from the school. Generally patient care doesn’t start until the 3rd year. You take a board exam which is held at the school at the end of senior year but which is completely independent of the school (UPenn does not administer nor grade it- it just lets the board exam use its clinical facilities) and the board exam is needed for licensure to practice. Just graduating from a dental school does not enable you to legally practice dentistry.

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@rickandmorty22 @Odinaka2
Congratulations to your kids on multiple DMD admits - if its OK, can you please share their stats/brief profile. My sigling (current highschool junior) is planning to apply to 7/8 year BS/DMD colleges - trying to narrow down based on chances. Thanks in advance.

@hs2020kid will pm u

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We visited Lehigh last week. Very nice campus and I must say we were very impressed by the program and the support from everyone we met. The students seem very happy to be there.
She decided to go with the 7-year bio-dental @ Lehigh with Penn Dental. It’s also close to home.
You have great options and I’m sure whatever choice your daughter makes she can’t go wrong.
Good luck

I just committed to Stony Brook’s Scholars for Dental Medicine (BS/DDS) program. I also ended up getting into 7 other programs: University of the Pacific (6 years), Detroit Mercy (7 years), Creighton CPPSP (8 years), University of Louisville’s (ULEAD) program (8 years), and University of New England’s accelerated medical biology- dental medicine program (7 years). I got waitlisted at Adelphi-NYU and Nova Southeastern University. I got rejected by UIC GPPA, Marquette, and Case Western for interviews.



Would you mind also pm me the stats/profile? That would be very helpful for my son’s application this year, thank you very much!

Hello Friends,

My Son would like to do BS/DMD program in US, we are currently in Canada. He is going to start his 9th grade this year, could you please guide us how to get into this type of program?
what grade he should have in his AP program?
What extracurricular activities outside of school he should do?
Should we need a career couch consultant to get help with application?
It would be great help if you could guide us on this.