BS/DO General Thread

This is a general thread where anyone who has recently gotten into a BS/DO program can share their stats, give advice, and share their stories.

This thread can also be used by those who are interested in getting into BS/DO programs and have some questions about how they work and how they can get in.

This thread can also be used as a “What are my Chances” thread.

What are those BS/DO programs that do not need to take second interviews before matriculate into medical schools ?
For example, LECOM early acceptance program interviews students only once i.e., before getting into the program. Once enrolled into the program, it doesn’t need to take second interview before matriculate into LECOM.

Hello. Has anyone heard from NYIT about BS/DO decisions?

What are your stats?


Yes, my son was accepted into the program about 1 month ago

What was your son’s SAT/ACT score and GPA?

Ya’ll can ask me anything and I’ll be happy to answer, I’m a second-year BSDO student in a 3+4 program who got into my current program with a 94 HS GPA and 1350 SAT.

  1. How competitive is NYIT BS/DO?

  2. How hard is it to get in?

  3. In another college confidential thread from a few years back, the program apparently accepts anyone with a 90+ GPA and a 1300+ SAT score. Is this true?

  4. there a limit to the amount of people who get accepted to the program?

  5. According to other threads, many people who get accepted to the program don’t commit. Is this true?


Which program are you in?

I was hoping to make contact with you regarding the program you’re in. Please PM me if you have a chance.

I will DM you it.

  1. It all depends on what NYITCOM program you get into if you are a local NY resident, I recommend you attend a SUNY school that has the partnership BS/DO program with NYITCOM, that is what I did. So far, it has been the best decision. We’re all helping and studying together and it isn’t cut through. I’ve heard the opposite for the NYIT/NYITCOM undergrad program.

  2. Compared to BS/MDs, it is not hard to get in. I believe if you get a 1290+ and 90+ HS GPA, then you should be able to secure an interview.

  3. I believe it’s 90+ and 1290+, but it does not guarantee acceptance. If you meet that threshold, it will guarantee an interview. It should be said that I know a few BS/DO members that have a 1290 and were still accepted. So as long as you do well during your interview, you should be fine.

  4. It all depends on which NYITCOM program you attend. The main one, which has NYIT as its undergrad, I believe its either 70-90 people accepted but I don’t recommend that one. The SUNYs with NYITCOM have a max of around 10 people I believe.

  5. Well obviously many qualified BS/MD applicants will apply and get accepted here as a backup. Although I didn’t apply to any BS/MD programs, many of my peers did and did not get in.


That makes sense about the NYIT/NYIT COM having more people accepted. My S was admitted in that program, but there wasn’t an interview.

Thank you for your information.

On a side note, I am trying to get this BS/DO thread going, so that parents and students have a site to go to for information.

I know you’re in college and very busy, but would you mind sharing the following

  1. the programs you applied to
  2. where you were accepted (and why you chose NYITCOM over the others)
  3. and if you’re comfortable, your statistics (ORM vs URM), SAT/ACT, GPA, and extracurriculars

As far as I’m aware, NYIT BS/DO at Old Westbury doesn’t have an interview to get accepted besides a medical school interview with NYITCOM Old Westbury, which is mostly a formality.

From what I’ve heard, if you get accepted to NYIT Old Westbury BS/DO, you are basically guaranteed to get into the medical school if you maintain the GPA requirement and you don’t fail the interview.

However, I don’t know if this is true about SUNY’s BS/DO.

What is the average/target SAT/ACT score and GPA I should try to get for SUNY’s BS/DO program?

I really appreciate your answers because there is very little information about BS/DO programs.

We have a high school junior interested in BSDO so appreciate the posts here.

I do believe for the SUNY Old Westbury UG leading to NYIT there is a MCAT required and score needed is 508. Do not know if the UG education is such that the 508 score should be manageable…but will post if we hear more, does NYIT to NYIT BSDO require the MCAT?
…thanks for the info!

NYIT BS/DO Old Westbury (NYIT to NYITCOM) does require the MCAT, but it is a fairly manageable and average score of 504.

I’ve also heard that many people do well in the undergrad portion of the program, so they leave the BS/DO program and apply to other medical schools.

Read this for more info:

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From looking through a large amount of college confidential threads, I think most people getting in have SAT scores in the 1400s or ACT scores of 31-33.

A 1350-1400 SAT score seems to be the 25th percentile of accepted students.

A 1400-1450 SAT scores seems to be the 25th-50th percentile of accepted students.

A 1450-1500 SAT score seems to be the 50th-75th percentile of accepted students.

A 1500-1520 SAT scores seems to be the 75th-90th percentile of accepted students.

The highest SAT score I have come across at BS/DO threads is a 1530.

In general, I think a 1450 is the target SAT score for BS/DO programs. Meanwhile, you need to get a 1500+ to be competitive for BS/MD.

I’ll be honest - I’m not sure. There is so little info about BS/DO compared to BS/MD.

I will say this - just as a matter of my perspective. My son has a 1500+.
So far, he has

  1. NYIT/NYIT COM acceptance
  2. Gannon/PCOM acceptance
  3. LECOM interview
  4. MSSU/KCU COM (yours to lose program) interview
  5. IIT/CCOM (Midwestern) interview
  6. Rutgers/Rowan - has first step interview with Rutgers
  7. NSU/KP COM pending
  8. MSU - OMSP program pending
  9. Pitzer/Western University pending

On the BS/MD side, we are waiting, but not very hopeful.
He has gotten a few supplementals, one interview request, and we are waiting to hear from the others.

I will explain my family’s logic more at a later time after this cycle is over. I don’t want to jinx it.

Thank you for trying to get a BS/DO page going, I agree that there is a lot less info about BS/DO programss out there in comparison to BS/MDs.

Congrats on the Gannon/PCOM acceptance, I’ve heard really good things about PCOM!