BS for international student athlete

Hi all,

I’ve been reading around and going down the rabbit hole for a few days, so thought I would ask the brain trust for some help.

I am a US citizen, but ques. is for my nephew, who would be applying as an international student. His interest is in schools with strong athletic programs. He is a national track and field medalist (under 15) several times over in home country. He is primarily interested in schools with programs to help him nurture his athletic talents, and no be too academically demanding.

Any suggestions? Personally I think he would benefit from a small, collaborative school environment being away from home for the first time (but this is auntie speaking).

Academically, he does well but is not stellar (As and Bs). Considering sitting SSAT to see how he does, but on the fence given it is optional for so many schools.

Other hooks: URM

Would need FA

Only school on our list so far is Mercersburg. We are interested in the better informed recommendations of others on this board. Any tips for finding schools with great sports programs? Or any ideas of schools we might wish to consider? Preferably in the NE region, for proximity to me.

Thanks in advance for any input.

I don’t think there’s any one school that’s excellent for all sports, so I think on the sports front, your question has to be narrower: which schools have an emphasis on track and field?

@cinnamon1212 Great point! Thank you.

At the link below are NEPSAC (New England Preparatory Schools Athletic Council) archived Track and Field results. It will show you times and results from many boarding schools, and if your nephew is competitive with these results, you can have him or his parents contact coaches at some of these schools to gauge their interest in recruiting him. Recruitment is important, especially if financial aid is required.

Best of luck!

Great resource @UltimaCroix . We will begin there and then reach out to coaches.Thank you so much!