BS in Economics vs BS in Accounting

<p>I am planning on majoring in either Economics or Accounting in college. I am currently an econ major because you need to apply into Acc. through the business school. I have not completed the prerequisites yet so I cannot apply into the business school yet. I know a bs in accounting has high job prospects but what are the job prospects for a person graduating with a bs in economics?

<p>Do what you enjoy, but yes, accounting typically will have better prospects right away. If you don’t go to an ivy and are equally interested in both, I’d vote for accounting, but you can still be a CPA without having a degree in ug accounting if you’re willing to do 1 year of grad school. </p>

<p>Accounting is also very useful for investment banking if you like that at all.</p>

<p>if you choose economics, you will either end up working for the government or become a professor. </p>

<p>Choose accounting, and if you so desire, maybe a minor in econ. Accounding is FAR more interesting than it seems in my opinion.</p>

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<p>Cman, you have no idea what you’re talking about.</p>

<p>I really need to sit down and put together at thread about econ job prospects…</p>

<p>Do what you enjoy most.</p>