Bs/mba 3+1

My child was accepted to this program. Is anyone familiar or have experience with an older child in this program?. I am wondering if it’s better to get the MBA right away, or gain some experience in the work field then go back later. Curious to thoughts /suggestions Thanks!

Hi! I am in my 3rd year of the 3+1 program and it was the best decision I made. I am an accounting major, and being able to have an opportunity that allows me to get two degrees in four years is impossible to pass up. In speaking to professionals, doing the MBA while you are used to the aspects of studying and tests is so much easier than trying to go back to in a few years after working. It seems it often keeps getting pushed off. I highly recommend the program, and it is 110% worth the work.

My son was accepted into this program and is also intending to major in accounting. My son is concerned tackling the requirements of undergraduate study in three years may be to difficult to balance. Can you please elaborate on the workload and if you believe it has taken away from your overall college experience. Thanks so much.

@SLOVESQU thanks for the reply. So happy to hear you are enjoying it. Best of luck to you.
Also did you like the idea of housing/rooming with other 3+1 students. Were they doubles?

@nursing15 I absolutely understand the concerns. For me personally, I came in with a few credits which definitely made it easier. The program is challenging but if you are disciplined it becomes that much easier. Many of the students accepted into the program has demonstrated excellence in academics and have proven they are capable to tackle 19 credits in a semester. I have done everything I have wanted here at Quinnipiac while being in the program and wouldn’t change a thing!

@DD2018 Thank you so much! I would absolutely live with 3+1 students in Dana, a residence hall made up of doubles. It makes each person in the program like family, and I would go back to freshman year if I could.

Did you start an internship summer after freshman year? I’m wondering how you balance internship with online summer classes
Thanks again for all the help!

Thank you very much. Best of luck with the program!

I’m not a Quinnippiac person but I’ve been in business for 30+ years. I’d tell anyone considering a compressed MBA to think about how it fits into their career goals. It absolutely makes sense for accounting majors – the reason is that it now requires 150 credits to become a CPA (a bachelors is typically around 120 credits) so many in the profession go on for a one year MBA or Master’s in Accounting to satisfy that requirement. The top accounting firms will not bring people in as full time employees until they complete the 150 credits.

However, I’m not as sure it is always the best move for a non-accounting student. Traditionally people do prefer that people get some meaningful work experience before going on for a MBA. The top MBA programs insist on that work experience. Some people get a MBA down the road as a way to effect a career change, others may go at night and target their education towards improving prospects in the job they have.

If your child is not an accounting major, I would suggest that he/she make an appointment with career services and talk to someone there about what opportunities/firms she can expect to interview for with and without the MBA. Determine if the opportunities with the MBA are improved enough that it is worth getting the degree now.

@happy1 thanks. My child was planning to major in finance. I know prob better idea to work first gain experience and then use MBA program as way to increase connections etc. But on flip side cost of MBA program is significant. I will def look into types of internships offered . Thanks for the advice!

I agree but why would someone hire a student with just a Bachelor’s degree and no work experience (outside of an internship) versus someone who has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with no work experience (outside of an internship) ? I know especially here at Quinnipiac, professionals are specifically looking for people in these programs. For students who major in non-accounting fields, because the competition is much more significant, having the MBA allows students to stand out. An MBA is an MBA and allows students to have the decision making skills and experience businesses require these students to have from the very beginning when scouting. Also, to be admitted into the 3+1 program means you are directly admitted into the MBA program and no work experience is needed. Not only will you have 2 degrees for the price and time it takes to acquire one degree, but also a great item to include on your resume that sells itself.

@DD2018 So specifically for accounting here at Quinnipiac, most employers encourage students to apply to their summer leadership program for the summer after their freshman year. This program is typically just a one to two day event depending on the firm which gets their foot in the door early on, but also allows them to still complete summer courses over the summer. I hope this helps!

@SlovesQU thanks yes that makes sense. I appreciate all the great info. We are coming on Feb 19 to see campus again and attend information session on the program.