BS/MD Application process - Class 2022

Does any school have Rolling admission for BS/MD or BS/DO program? If on website mention early decision will it be applicable for these accelerated programs?

You might want to check out this link:

I know about BSMD programs. Except for Brown PLME and Wayne State, no other program offers Early Decision.

All other colleges/programs do not apply Early Decision or Early Action to BSMD.

These programs have a long application/admission process. Most colleges screen students before recommending to Med schools. In this case, schools might require a separate application for MD part. If selected, the schools would invite for one or two interviews. All this takes several months and tends to be lengthier than the regular undergrad application/admission process.

Not sure about BSDO!

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Rolling for BSMD is very different compared to regular Undergrad. the undergrad application process for BSMD programs has a deadline (usually matches with the Early application deadlines) but the results don’t follow the undergrad deadliines!

If I remember correctly - UPitt undergrad portion of the application still follows rolling admission. The rest of the application process (MD application, interview) however might not be rolling.

RPI and BU BSMD programs release interview results on a rolling basis over 2-3 week period. However, the undergrad application process for BSMD is different with an early deadline.

You should checkout each bsmd program websites, where you want to apply

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