BS/MD Covid Issues

I was a little late in learning about BS/MD programs. At this point the only thing I’ve done is a summer research internship summer 2020. It was a program that also allowed me to listen to webinars of different medical professions: three being doctors. Aside from that I have no clinical experience. I am concerned that I will not be able to get any because all the doctors I have asked to shadow said no, the hospitals are not taking volunteers because of covid, and I don’t have enough space in my schedule to do the EMS or CNA program. I also really wanted to do a summer research internship again because I have already been guaranteed that I would get a spot, but I am thinking that it might be better to do a summer pre med program thing?? What are your suggestions and ideas?

what grade are you? Which app cycle are you referring? Provide more details about your GPA, scores and other ECs you have done.

Hi, thank you for your response.

I am currently a junior, I’d be applying for Fall 2022. My GPA is currently 3.8 unweighted, 4.4 weighted. My SAT score was a 1300 but I think I can get it up to a 1468 by the time I apply to college next year. My EC’s are kinda low at the moment bc this was the first year I didn’t have to watch my sister after-school and I don’t have a car = no job, but some of them include:

9th grade (tumbling/cheer classes, United Way Leadership program, Interact Club), 10th (student council, interact club, substance abuse club, pre med society club (secretary) – club was disbanded, book club),
Summer before junior year— summer research internship
11th grade — (domestic violence committee board member, ASL Club, book, club, interact club, mental health club, science club, substance abuse club, potentially fencing or tennis if gyms open back up, working on a leadership/philanthropy club that will start second semester when we get back to school)
More long term commitments that I’m not sure count lol: reading (i read like 100 books per year), writing opinion pieces for my newspaper, i have a book and mental health blog and YouTube channel, run the mental health Instagram page for my school
Volunteer wise: I haven’t been volunteering as much because my schedule was dependent on my moms, but I do mostly Christmas and Thanksgiving service things so like salvation army, coats for kids, etc. However, I have been able to tutor kids at the community center for the past month.

Also, i help my mom run her pageant system and we run a family bakery business

Make sure to include watching your sister, helping with the pageant systems and the family bakery business as ECs if you were involved.

Child Care: 9-11 grades, 3 hours per week. Duties included picking up sister from school, making snacks, overseeing homework.

Go ahead and apply to a BS/MD program but realize there are many ways to medical school…most likely without many hours in research and/or volunteering, applying the “normal” way will probably end up how you will go.

Remember for Med school you can major in anything you want…many people pick Biology or Chemistry because there is a lot of overlap in the required pre-med courses (Bio, Chem, Ochem, Calc, Physics, etc) You just have to take those pre-med courses in addition.

Email for more information on the process!