BS/MD Program application counselling needed

My son is interested to apply for BS/MD program. pls let me know if anyone here available to help with counselling / application process.

He doesn’t have to do a formal premed program. A few schools have them but in general premed is not a major. In fact, he can major in anything and still go to med school, as long as prerequisites are done while at college or in a post-bacc program, of which there are many,

A BS/MD program is a guaranteed admittance program directly out of high school. Sometimes it can also be completed in less than 8 years.

Just saying there are other options/paths because the number of BS/MD programs is limited.

But that’s the option he’s interested in.

I believe @texaspg is a CC resident expert on this.

I’m interested in winning Powerball and never working again. But I still have a Plan B. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Poor analogy. A BS/MD program is very achievable and the OP is looking for help in developing a plan to do just that. All the planning in the world won’t enable anyone to win Poweball. It’s beyond a long shot. So why not help the OP with what he’s asking for help with? Why change the subject?

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I wonder if you can elaborate with your questions about the counseling/application process. My niece was accepted into both the Brown and CUNY programs. She is in her final year at CUNY Scool of Medicine. I have some familiarity with the process.

There are a lot of parents and students who provide input on questions related to BS/MD programs in CC but you need to read a lot of existing material in this section to read past inputs. I linked the current year thread but previous year’s thread ran into 15 or 20000 posts.

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Back when my daughter was looking into this, we found that the extremely difficult admits were limited to colleges that were already highly selective (like Brown, Rice, Northwestern) or top-ranked medical schools (Pitt).

But when it came to solid programs like BU, our local public school would get a student there every couple of years, so not exactly unicorns. And as you go further down in college selectivity, like say Drexel, strong students regularly got in, but often chose not to attend and instead chose a more selective school that allowed multiple career options. But for those committed to medicine, it’s a viable path.

You might want ti check out this link:

and fyi, just in case, here is one example of a post-bacc program

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate Program | Pre-Health Studies | Georgetown University

Is that a pill you take? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Most folks who apply for BS/MD prepare since the start of HS. Has your son done any medical ECs, volunteering and/or medical related research ?. What are his stats (UW HS GPA, SAT/ACT score)?. Are you an ORM( mainly south east asian or other asians) ? It is very competitive and it fills only 5% of all US medical school seats.