BS/MD programs that are reach for 4.0 GPA unweighted with 6-7 APs

My daughter is maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and will have about 7 APs after Junior year (possibly all As).

She has not yet written her SAT or Subject tests. Everything is getting cancelled.

Some (unpaid) intenship in open insulin project, a AI project in Stanford (remote) for chest X-ray analysis, and working with a 5-year old autistic child (pre-covid). No real hospital volunteering due to COVID, she had no chance before as she turned 16 lately and most hospitals had age restrictions.

Seems she will be mid/low end in the curve of applicant for reputed BS/MD program, correct?

What are the reach schools, if any? Cinci? UMKC? Anything else??

Also, as a added footnote, our demographic background works against her.

I think all BS/MD programs are reaches… not just your D, and not because of her demographics, but because the programs are really small, very popular, and the admissions folks are trying to bet on a 16 or 17 year old having the maturity and the passion and the focus to become fantastic physicians in 10+ years when they finish residencies and start their fellowships.

Why does she want to become a doctor- and why commit to it next year? Those are the questions she’ll need to find persuasive answers to, assuming that her test scores, recommendations, etc. all support her answers.

I think what you are meaning to ask is for safety schools?

As noted above though, all BS/MD programs should be considered reaches for all applicants.

Each and every one of them

The UCincy program has a 2% acceptance rate.

There is a special section on CC that is very active on the BS/MD subject.
You will find threads specifically handles each BS/MD school. UMKC, has a long thread especially. You will find successful and unsuccessful cases with detail.

Neverthe.ess, BS/MD is a crapshoot for any applicants even with top grades. They look at an applicant not only grades but also involvement in EC and commitments. The worst part, you have to be interviewed on campus in each and every school you are applying to. The cost alone is almost prohibitive.