BS options f/ conservative Catholic family

We are looking for BS options that represent our Catholic Faith. We have connections to a great school in New England, but its chapel services have changed a lot, and its denomination emphasizes different values than in the past. We are looking for something more traditional.

Any suggestions for BS options, that remain friendly to conservative Catholic views?

What is your reaction to Culver?

Are you willing to consider schools outside of the East Coast? What about single-sex schools?

Culver may be a good option to consider. Here is a link to their webpage: Spiritual Life - Culver Academies

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is also well regarded, but is an all-girls school.

If you prefer East Coast the Canterbury School is an option worth looking into as well.

Baylor school in Tennessee may be a good option.

If your child is a boy, Woodberry Forest may be a school to check out.

Episcopal in VA is a more moderate school with required chapel. I’ve heard they’re more moderate, but being near the south, there will definitely be many conservative students.

Consider Hill. It’s very traditional in that sense and they host many catholic services.

For boys, there is Trinity-Pawling School - about 60 -70 miles north of NYC.

Did you look into Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island (co-ed)

Portsmouth Abbey looks great, one wonders what the Priests are like. I don’t know hoe traditional the Benedictines are these days.

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This place looks great too. Thanks @MACmiracle

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A few years ago there was a Portsmouth Abbey parent on this thread - hopefully someone will recall who they were :pray:

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I can’t believe the ad picture on this page just became Trinity Pawling school…

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It’s trad. If that’s what you want, there’s probably not a better place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My ad is for chocolate covered chick peas. What does that say about me?


From what I can see Portsmouth Abbey looks great. In googling the school, I discovered a protest page from alumni with an axe to grind. It actually encouraged me.:sweat_smile:

Not sure that was their intention, but it looks like we are driving to Rhode Island. It doesn’t look that beautiful, but seems to be in a very special location. I went to St. George for sports in the 90s, they seem similar.

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Learning Canterbury is Catholic is a surprise. I assumed it was an Episcopal School. We are going to look closer at it and maybe make a stop.

Culver doesn’t look like it fits our lifestyle, or priorities as a family.

Thanks for the input.

Canterbury is definitely Catholic. They are a little more progressive (as most boarding schools are), but they do focus on their Catholic roots. With that said, if you are not Catholic, you don’t feel out of place at all. Their campus is beautiful and they have a brand new student center - windows across the back side of the building so you can see the amazing landscape at all hours.

Trinity Pawling is an Episcopal School, I believe. It is definitely not Catholic. I don’t recall there being any mandatory chapel requirements when we were touring. Another beautiful school, though.

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For some reason, they list one in Switzerland, but that may be farther east than you wanted to go.

Calling @london203.


Thanks @ChoatieMom ! I would love the inside scoop from a parent.

Santa Catalina is a catholic school in California (all-girls though), they have a required mass 2-3 times a week.