BS Psychology Vs Neuroscience

Hi, few months back I found this forum while doing the college search for my DD22. It has been of great help as we learned a lot from the knowledge shared by parents and students alike on this forum.

My daughter got accepted into various universities mostly in various forms of Neuroscience major as it varies little bit from university to university. She got into UW Madison, Baylor, Texas A&M, UMTC (University of Minnesota – TC), and few others. Also, UT Austin, but in Austin she applied for Psychology BS, along with UF. UF result is still pending along with Washu regular. We’re TX resident.

She wants to pursue Premed like everyone else, but there is no guarantee what will happen in the future. Medical schools don’t care about your major – only grades, MCAT, volunteering etc.

So, given all these bio majors, how BS in Psychology stacks up as undergrad degree for career? BS in Psychology focuses more on the science side of the major.

UT will be in-state; Baylor is private with 20K scholarship; In Texas A&M she will most probably get 10K per year if she becomes NMF; she is NMSF already. At A&M her major will be Neuroscience. UT Psychology is highly rated. For A&M college of science, not sure about their reputation. Engineering A&M is mostly at par with UT in various majors.

Others are all OOS – UMTC, UWM, UF. ROI on Psychology BS vs all kinds of Bio, Neuroscience if Premed doesn’t work out? Also, getting good grades on Neuro and Bio majors will be tougher based on my research so far. BS degree Psychology is something different than traditional BA as it’s part of COLA.

Thanks in advance!