<p>I was just wondering how being chosen for Boy's State looks for princeton...Does anyone know?</p>

<p>umm boys state isnt a big deal in AZ, basically anyone that applies goes. =P</p>

<p>I think probably good because it is supposed to show that you are a leader. Get a good position and talk about what you learned from BS in your interview.</p>

<p>What is Boys' State?</p>

<p>boys state is sponsored by the american legion (girls state, its counterpart for females, by the american auxillary) but its basically an opportunity for high school students to "mock" or understand what government is like. u go there and have some speakers and u also participate in government activities, u at first are part of a city, then county, and u elect senators/state governors/congressmen various things. and basically its a learning experience, however, the one in AZ was kinda a joke and u just hung out for the week.</p>

<p>Thanks shrek!</p>

<p>no problem =P</p>