<p>What are the stats like for the bschool. I know it is very competative. Business week has some stats. In 06-07 it said full time enrollment was 1395 students. In 07-08 it was 804 students. Now they graduate a class in 07 of about 350..maybe 500. That would mean that 895 return already that leads me to believe that the 07-08 stat is wrong. Now you have to figure in a new class of another 300 atleast. I'm assuming this figure of 804 is wrong by businessweek. Do any current Bschool or binghamton students know the real deal with this. Surely Binghamton doesn't have smaller classes than say wharton at upenn or BC.</p>

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<h1>Undergraduate Students</h1>

<pre><code>* Class of 2006 enrollment: 346
* Current number of SOM undergraduate students: 1,397
* Total BU undergraduate enrollment: 11,523
* Number of SOM undergraduate applications received: 3,285
* Average combined SAT score: 1,278
* High School average: 95