BSDO amd BSMD competitiveness

Totally depends on the program, some programs, including those with agreements with NYIT, usually give interviews to everyone who meets the requirement SAT and GPA. After that, you gotta do your best to impress the interviewers.

If you have more questions, let me know.

Source: Current BS/DO at a SUNY Partnered with NYIT

NYIT’s bs/do program does not interview applicants. You only do a medical school interview but it is a formality if you get into the bs/do combined program.

That may be true for the NYIT Undergrad BS/DO and NYITCOM but certainly is not true for the SUNYs NYIT BS/DO that’s partnered with NYITCOM.

There are two interviews (for SUNYs BS/DO with NYITCOM), one for the BS/DO entrance and one for NYITCOM entrance (this interview can only be given if you meet the current 3.5 Undergrad GPA requirement and 507 MCAT). So BS/DO students need to take two interviews to successfully marticulate into NYITCOM. One before they’re granted a BS/DO spot and one before they’re granted a NYITCOM spot.

I don’t know much about SUNY’s BS/DO program with NYIT, but I do know NYIT’s BS/DO program with NYITCOM does not have any interviews except the medical school interview after the 3 years of undergrad which is a formality.

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