BSDO amd BSMD competitiveness

I know that these programs are ultra competitive with just several spots per hundreds of extremely strong applicants. That being said, some programs are slightly easier to get into. What combined programs (both BSDO and BSMD) are considered to be RELATIVELY easier to get into?

You should post this question on the Official BS/MD thread for this year. (I would assume you are not looking at this year’s cycle as almost all of the deadlines, maybe all, have passed.)

Zero. Zero of them are “easier” to get into. There is absolutely not a single program that is easy.

Now some have preferences or take only in state applicants but the competition is high among all programs.


Yes. Asking for future. Thank you.

I did not mean “easy”. I meant relatively easier than other combined programs.

Still none. They are all challenging and vary on their targets for admission. You can’t say VCU is easier than PLME. It doesn’t work that way, no matter what adverb you use to quantify easy. They are ALL hard, and the variables that affect that difficulty may be different across the schools, they are still challenging nonetheless.


This is not a comprehensive list, as I am sure you can find a more comprehensive one including BS/DO somewhere. There are also more BS/MD programs than added to this list.

If you are serious about BS/MD and BS/DO, you should consider applying as widely as possible. Obviously well-known and prestigious schools like Brown will have more applicants and therefore a lower acceptance rate so that may classify it as “harder” to get into. They get over 2000 applications. If you pick a program like TCNJ/NJMS, they get like 400 qualified applications or something like that, so your chances will be higher. From that perspective, it is “easier to get into” but none of the programs are easy to get into and it really depends on your applicant profile, essays, and more.

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thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your detailed reply and for the link. Where do you get the information regarding the number of applications received?

It is typically on the websites for the program. Brown PLME has it on their website. TCNJ might, but I believe I got the number off CC.

Thank you!
Also, I got a sense that BSDO programs are slightly easier to get into. Do you agree with that? But very few of those are available…

Yes, they are generally easier although I am not sure why you would want to limit yourself to DO. Nothing bad about it but most likely you could get into the same DO school after normal undergraduate years. By doing a BS/DO you are limiting yourself. You could at least go to a normal undergraduate school and try for MD. You may end up in a DO school after undergrad anyway but at least you tried for MD. If you don’t have a strong preference of MD over DO, then there are BS/DO programs like LECOM, Nova Southeastern, Philadelphia, and NYIT I believe.

Thank you for your detailed reply and for mentioning specific programs.
NYIT is 7 year program (not crazy about it).
PCOM (as far as i know) does not have any provisional acceptance for hs seniors… only for college students…

@doctorpenguin , are you aware of BSDO programs with PCOM that provide provisional acceptance for hs seniors? I found PCOM list of affiliated colleges, but it appears to me that you apply apply during sophomore year in college. Some allow you to apply during last year of hs, but all they guarantee is an interview later and not a provisional acceptance. Am I missing anything?

Yes, Adelphi University. 4+4 program.

Adelphi also has one with NYIT. There are many places with LECOM partnerships too.

Also, NJIT has several Caribbean medical school partnerships and an NYIT one but you said you were not too interested.

Why don’t you take a look at the available lists on the internet? Check out Dr. Rubin’s Mini Med School list of BS/DO programs to start.

Although make sure you want to limit yourself to DO before you decide to do this. I would not just apply because you think your BS/MD chances are low or something

@doctorpenguin , thank you for the link! I was looking at this information before as well and got confused, that the interview during the senior year is listed as one of the requirements. I get the requirements regarding GPA and MCAT (acceptance is always provisional), but if the interview is still required then what early acceptance are they talking about?
Thank you for mentioning LECOM. Yes, their list of feeders is quite large. That is a big plus (imho).

Yes, I saw Dr. Rubin list of bsmd and bsdo school.

Not sure. You can reach out and ask them or do some more research. I am not a BS/DO expert (or BS/MD for that matter) so I suggest asking on the official thread for this year.

thank you!

How much chance to get in program after given an interview