BSE or Civil

<p>I'm kind of in a jam at what I want to major in. My main interest is environmental engineering, and my school has civil which allows me to focus on that, and we also have biosystems (it falls under ag.eng not bio on ABET's site) with a concentration in land and water resources. Im not quite sure which one will be the best for me career wise or if there will be a difference at all.</p>

<p>The pros of civil:
-Its a traditional engineering discipline
-Its broad so I dont have to limit myself to just environmental
-Most job ads say something along the lines of "BS in civil or related field" which makes me feel civil is what they have on their mind.</p>

<p>The pros of biosystems:
-Very small department, the class Ill be joining will be the largest ever at around 40 students and it will seem smaller once we split to our concentrations
-Feel its geared more towards my interest (ecological engineering, watershed and wetlands)
- Has more biology and chemistry requirements which I always read is good for an environmental engineer to have as a background
- Possibly easier transition from my current biology/natural resources major</p>

<p>Ive talked to professors from both departments, and they agree that both are very similar in regards to my goals. Im not sure, somedays I want to go civil other days biosystems. Just seeing if anyone has an 3rd party advice/input, it would be nice to hear from any biosystem/ag engineers who went down the environmental route, and how it has affected them career wise if at all.</p>


<p>Let me not to write too much at this point. </p>

<p>Just want to confirm: do you plan to get a graduate degree? And what year are you right now?</p>

<p>I dont plan on doing graduate, unless I can keep by GPA above a 3.5 and I might consider the 5-year BS/MS program. Once my switch is official Ill be a sophmore this up coming fall.</p>

<p>I believe the 5-years is non-thesis master program. Correct me if I am wrong. Thesis-based graduate program (research orientated) seems not in your interest, then I suppose taking biosystem is the best option.</p>

<p>What matters is your interest really. Another alternative is to take civil engineering @ undergraduate level, and then specialize in biosystem in graduate program. This way you can secure the availability of potential employment. As you also suggested, civil engineering will not hurt you at all.</p>

<p>But with the 5-years program, then I will not go with that path because it takes too long.</p>