BSMD 2021-2022 College selection advise

I am new user to this forum and it is a great resource for parents like me. First and foremost, thank you to you and all for providing valuable information. My son was accepted into below 7/8 year BSMD Programs and we request some insights/opinions to narrow down choices between these three colleges.

Requesting your opinion/advise between these three colleges for my son to prioritize:

TCNJ/NJMS vs Penn State/SKMC vs CASE (8 year program-PSP). We have eliminated RPI/AMC and UCONN from the list so far.

TCNJ/NJMS: As an NJ resident, going to TCNJ/NJMS makes it comfortable financially and proximity wise. No MCAT minimum requirement but in the acceptance letter they expected students to score 90th percentile (*Exact verbiage: Take the MCAT seriously as your first medical school requirement. While there is no minimum score, the expectation is that students will score in the 90th percentile (MCAT score of 514 or above as of 2022). TCNJ tuition scholarship received.

Penn State/SKMC: Ranking wise better, Proximity wise 3 to 4 hours from NJ, Financially-out of state fees. Better ranking, large alumni and well known east coast medical school. MCAT minimum requirement of 508. However, we are debating if this overrules the TCNJ/NJMS pros and is worth it from future medical career/residency match, etc., No scholarship received.

CASE: Better ranking than above two schools, 8 years vs 7 Years, 3.63 GPA requirement (NO MCAT), and proximity 8 hours drive from NJ, private school fees/financially harder. Partial scholarship received for undergrad,

Request guidance to narrow down from these 3 choices as they are equally good one way or the other.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Ranking in healthcare does not matter one iota. Patients and fellow practitioners have very little awareness of where the doctors in the community studied. It will play virtually no part in landing a job.

In order, take the route with the least barrier to success, that is cheapest, and shortest.


Thank you @eyemgh

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Hi @Ram211 , My daughter is also interested in getting into BS/MD program in TCNJ. I would appreciate if you could share the kind of volunteering and other activities your son did. How was the interview process and how many rounds of interview were there? Thanks in advance!