BSMD/BSDO Applicants Undergrad and Medical School experiences



DS is done with first year medical school. It was a very hectic year with fast paced curriculum (1.5 year pre-clinical). In addition to medical school classes he took classes at Wharton and participated in research (already got one middle author paper).


How time flies - DD completed her first year of med school.
Agree with @srk2017 on the nature of the first-year med school - it is hectic.
DD transitioned well from the quarter-system undergrad to semester system medical school.
And was pleasantly surprised that Feinberg has a lot more supportive administration than Northwestern undergrad.

DD has made some new friends, and it is good that they are such a supportive bunch.
Practically, all M1s at Northwestern are doing research, including my DD. DD is also doing an extended summer research assignment.

On a separate note, my DS has graduated high school and will attend Georgia Tech for his CS major.


My D has completed hectic M1 and now taking time to visit friends and family during short break before M2 starts. She is also doing research during the break.


@NoviceDad congratulations to you and your DS. Best wishes for his CS at Georgia tech.
Yes, medical school is quite hectic for M1 students and the medical students find good support from university and their peers.


Yes, you said it right - M1 is hectic, and it is good that our kids are coping with it with support from their friends and peers. It seems practically all M1 that I are doing research and other ECs. good to know your D is also doing so.


Welcome back from sabbatical @grtd2010 :slight_smile:

Different situation but thought I would update. We posted a while ago S17 was in a BSDVM program (3 years undergrad and 4 years vet school) and his girlfriend was premed traditional. Well several years have passed and he just finished his 2nd year of veterinary school and is at the top of his class! He has had two papers published and is working this summer on a summer fellowship in radiology and doing a little work for the cardiologist. He is now engaged to his gf and she decided not to go the MD route. She realized it was her mother’s dream not hers. She is entering PA school next month in a 28 month program. They will be married next August! So the early admit has worked out great for him even though it is different it is similar in many ways. He will be entering the match and doing an internship and residency when he graduates. Good luck to all.


Congratulations to you, your son, and his fiance.
Wishing him the best for his vet residency and happy married life.

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@NoviceDad Congratulations on S getting into CS-Georgia Tech! It is tough to get into CS Georgia Tech - my S was applying for CS few years ago, he got admission into UIUC, UT Austin, U of Washington etc, but could not get into Georgia Tech (he went to UT).
@cheer2021 D chose UTSW, and will be starting in a week.

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Thank you for your wishes.
Yes, CS major at top schools is becoming hyper-competitive. We are fortunate he made the cut at Georgia Tech. UT-Austin is also a great school, and I am sure your S thrived there.

And congratulations to your daughter.

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There is no break from M3 to M4. So my DD scheduled her 4 weeks study block for Step-2 in June to be at home with me and went 5 weeks back. Getting ready for the residency cycle. She told she will apply broadly and will be happy wherever she gets accepted. As a parent I will be happy if she gets into CA, preferably Bay Area so that I can visit often (when working from home in the new world). 8 months to March Madness.


What specialization is she planning to apply?

Internal Medicine


Fellowship plans after that?

Nothing planned. She always takes 1 step at a time. Very clear wants to balance family life and career.