BSMD/BSDO Applicants Undergrad and Medical School experiences

Great update and glad to hear about great experiences. There are different paths to become a doctor and it’s nice to read about successes (and lessons learned) from all the paths.

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Thanks @srk2017 :slight_smile:

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Great read.
His path seems similar to one of my students who also completed his undergrad in 2 years and did a year of research at Pitt. Agree about PPM folks being close-knit and being there for each other. SKMC will feel even more despite being a large medical school. They have a lot of support.

Enjoy the year with him. It will fly fast.

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@NoviceDad - Thanks - It’s good to know that SKMC provides a lot of support.

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PMM/SKMC is accelerated program. Graduating early like completing UG part in 2 - 2.5 years using AP credits and summer semester to do other things?

Yes @cheer2021


Probably should post an update here since it’s been years.

Currently in my 3rd year of PLME and imo it’s been a great experience. Instead of having normal faculty advisors we get medical advising deans, which was super helpful because they set up shadowing, research, volunteering etc for us. Did a R&D internship at a pharmaceutical company last summer and currently working part time in private equity, which is a completely different experience. The money is definitely really tempting but the experience really showed me that medicine is the correct path for me because honestly the work itself isn’t really enjoyable. Starting school in COVID was not the best experience, we started in January and were forced to do 4 semesters in a row with less than 2 weeks of break between each semester, but thankfully the rough part is over. I’ve definitely taken advantage of the pass fail and open curriculum at Brown to take a bunch of interesting courses, ranging from a nutrition/cooking courses to philosophy. No publications yet because I was jumping in between a bunch of labs trying to figure out my research interest but not too worried yet. Overall it’s been a great experience and I even was able to fit study abroad in my schedule!


It seems you are really enjoying your time and getting the experiences you want at Brown. Good for you.
Having medical advising deans helping you set up opportunities is probably unique.
Also, intrigued by your private equity experience.
All the very best.

Great update. Thanks for sharing your experience. All the very best.

D has registered for USMLE 1 (P/F only), to be written during Feb-March 2023 (TBD). Some how time flies. The clinical rotation starts in April 2023.